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The city of Laodicea is located near the modern city of Denizli, Turkey. It came under the control of Romans in 2nd century BC. The city had good mix Jewish and non Jewish population. It went through a major earthquakes in AD 60 under the reign of Nero. Though much of the city was destroyed the citizens Laodicea refused take the Roman funding to rebuild the city and got it rebuilt using their own wealth. It shows the sound financial position of the city during the 1st century.

The below picture shows the position of Laodicea in the modern map.

The Church of Laodicea was strongly condemned by Jesus for its lukewarm approach. They could not choose between the world and God, well known problem for any wealthy city. During his life on earth, Jesus reserved some of the sharp words (hypocrites, whitewashed tombs, etc.) for the Pharisees and religious leaders. He was willing to forgive the sinners and appreciate the holy. But he could not withstand the double standards of the Jewish religious leaders, who focused only on outward holiness. You are ..neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Laodicea got the strongest warning among the seven churches.

The Church trusted on it material procession than putting trust on God (Rev 3:17). Jesus calls for Church’s repentance to see the true and refined riches that only he can give.

Do you know there was an established medical school in Loadicea in the 1st Cetuary? The people of Loadicea know what it means to apply Salve in their eyes (Rev 3:18) to see clearly more than anyone else in those days.

There is a difference between the Jesus as the son of man & God, while he was on earth and Son of God in heaven. As Son of God, Jesus as a judge, king of kings and Lord of lords, he condemns, rebukes corrects and commends each of the church based on their deeds. In his position as Son of God seated on heaven’s throne with all the twenty-four elders bowing down before him, he still waits for human to open his heart’s door so that he can enter his heart and restore his soul. After all the strong rebuking given to the church of Loadicea the well known open invitation to salvation in scripture is given to the lukewarm struggling church :Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. - Rev 3:20. The greatest of honor of sharing the throne along with Jesus is also given to the church of Loadicea.

It does not matter who we are and how we are struggling in Christian life. God is still knocking and waiting for our heart's door to be opened. He is willing to restore our souls and reward according to our deeds as long we are ready to repent.

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