Journey Through The Book of Romans

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The book of Romans is a letter Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Rome. Understanding Romans helps us to answer some of the basic questions we struggle with every day. Why we fall short of God’s standard? How God sacrificed His own Son, Jesus to redeem us from our sins? How can we receive the forgiveness of Jesus by trusting in Him? How can we live a victorious life through the power of the Holy Spirit? All these questions have an answer as we journey through the book of Romans. Do you want to take part in this journey? Please join us.

Topics for this course

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Romans Introduction

Romans Background

Romans 1 – Believing in God?

God's love and His judgement are two sides of the same coin. We have all the proof in God to trust the existence of God. But when we choose not to believe in God, He give abandons us and leaves to our own free will.

Romans 2 – God’s Judgement?

Independent of which ever culture we are born in God law is applicable to us. God's law is embedded in our human conscience, which constantly tell us what is right and wrong. No one escape God's judgement.

Romans 3 – God’s Plan to make as qualified?

God sent His only son Jesus as a sacrifice to redeem us from our mistakes. Jesus was punished on our behalf. We are forgiven because Jesus took all the sins of us.

Romans 4 – Forgiveness of God is a Gift?

No amount of money or good deeds can buy our forgiveness from God. God gave His forgiveness free of cost as a gift.

Romans 5 – How Jesus Could Redeem The Entire Humanity??

How could Jesus forgive the mistakes of entire humanity? Can a death of one man save the entire humanity?

Romans 6 : Who Is our Master

Romans 7 – How to Overcome the sinful nature?

Romans 8 : Battlefield Of The Mind. Human Flesh Fights Against Holy Spirit

Romans 8 – Awaiting Future Glory

Romans 9 – The Promised Generation

Have you accepted Christ and want to know what to do next, you can read here

Humble your heart before the Lord. Reconcile with Jesus. God is waiting for you. Please do not let this time slip away without making a decision to follow Christ.

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