Historical Evidence for Jesus Christ

There are several historical evidences for the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

1. Josephus (37 AD – 100 AD), Jewish historian wrote about condemnation and crucifixion of Jesus at the hand of Roman authorities in his book 18, chapter 3.

2. Josephus also documented stoning of James, brother of Jesus in his book 20, chapter 9. It matches with the biblical record in Marc 6:3. Most of the modern scholars consider Josephus writing authentic.

3. Tacitus (56 AD – 120 AD), a Roman senator and historian confirmed the execution of Christ by Pontius Pilate in book 15 chapters 44. It is to be noted that Tacitus was considered as one of the greatest Roman historians of his time.

4. At the beginning of Jesus’s ministry, it was mentioned in John 2:20 the second temple was being constructed for forty-six years. Herod started the second temple expansion in his 18th year of reign i.e 20BC. That will position John 2:20 at 26 AD. Considering Jesus was around 30 years old when he started his ministry, would position his birth year around 4th BC the year Herod the great died. Hence the Biblical reference to Herod the great is still within the range.

5. The artifact known as Pilate stone was discovered in 1961 by an archaeological team. It mentions Pilate was prefect of Judea during the reign of Tiberius. Bible mentions Pilate as Governor of Judea and responsible of execution of Jesus. Pilate was also quoted by the historians Tacitus, Josephus and Philo.

6. In the year 2011 archaeologists recovered a stolen ossuary, which was declared as authentic by the University of Tel Aviv. The ossuary belonged to Miriam daughter of Yeshua, Son of Caiaphas. Caiaphas was the high priest during the time of Jesus.

7. The places, where Jesus ministered were well documented in the bible. His ministry was focused around Judea and Galilee. He also ministered in Samaria and other places rarely. Most of the places mentioned in the bible are identified and archeological research was conducted, unless they are already occupied by modern day buildings. One of the interesting facts found was the house of Peter, which was converted to a public gathering place in the mid 1st century. The excavators concluded this house was used till 4th Century. Peter was a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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