How to come out of debt?



The LORD your God will bless you as he has promised. You will lend money to many nations but will never need to borrow. (NLT) - The Bible

My Dear Friend, God wants to fulfill this promise in your life. Are you stuck in deep debt and trying to come out of it? Are you running away from your creditors? You might be eagerly searching for peace in your life and looking for comfort from your friends and relatives. If you are in this situation please go through the below points. We would like to pray with you at the end of this message. Please consider the following before you make your next move:

1. Simply because you have incurred major debt does not mean your life is over. You can come back in life. However big your debt is, Jesus can help you. He can change your situation. He can give you new hope and fill your life with peace. Do not lose your hope. There is nothing impossible for Jesus. Do not look at your situation but look at God who is bigger and powerful than your situation and problem. The Bible says Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. He will bring you outJesus can bring you out. Trust Him. Let's lift our eyes and pray to Him.

2. Keep your health and mind intact. You need a sound mind to think and good health to go through this tough situation. Do not keep thinking about your past decisions and wrong choices made in the past. This could make you mentally ill. Ask forgiveness to God, if you have made mistakes in the past and spent your money in an unwise manner such as gambling. Jesus will forgive you and fill your heart with heavenly peace. God never reminds your past mistake. He cares for you. He wants to help you. Please take care of your physical and mental health and eat well. The challenges will go through will pass away very soon. 

3. Your creditors might be chasing you down. You might be going through abuses and shame. But do not lose hope. Humble your heart before God and seek His face. Though the storm raises above your head, God will cover you under His wings. He will protect you and lead you. Everything will change very soon. Your life will become normal once again. Jesus will give wise words to speak and manage the current situation. 

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4. Learn to accept the mistakes and not to repeat them. If you had chosen the wrong choice in life and that has become a reason for your debt accept your mistakes and make a note not to repeat them in the future. Determine to consult Jesus before making any important future decisions in life. The decision could be related to starting a new business, investments, or a change of job, or any other important decision. Jesus knows our future. He can guide and help us to make the right decision. Seek His counsel always before making any financial decisions. 

5. Sit down and prepare a list to understand how much you owe and to whom. Out of the list find out which one has the highest interest. Make all the attempts to clear the debt which has the highest interest. The higher interest loans can quickly grow and go beyond our reach.

6. Stop using credit cards and start running your life debt-free with the money you have. However small it could be learn to live within the budget. This means a much simpler life with a reduced budget.

7. Find a job, if you don't have one. Cut down your expenses to the bare minimum till you pay off your debt. 

8. To reduce the abuse from creditors make all the effort to sell off what you have and pay it off. You can earn everything back. But right now you need mental peace and freedom from debt.

9. As a family, trust in the Lord. Spend time with God and pray together as a family every day. God will surely answer your prayers when you wait on His presence as a family.

10. You and your family need God's help to overcome the situation. Commit your life to God and accept God as your master. 

Dear Friend, I know this is one of your toughest moments. God will surely bring you out of your situation. Follow him with all your heart. Let's pray together. Place your hand on your heart and believe Jesus can change your debt situation. He is going to release you from your situation. Let's pray. Could you pray the below prayer with your own words? 

Dear Jesus, You know my situation. I am in debt. I don't have anyone to help me. I have made the wrong choices and decisions without consulting you. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Please come into my life and change my situation. I trust in you alone. You alone can change my situation and solve my problem. I plead before you with tears. Jesus please help me and release me from the debt. I am going through difficult moments. Fill me with your heavenly peace. I believe you can bring me out of this situation. I surrender my life to you. Please be my God and lead me. Let me follow you all my days. In Jesus's name, I pray. Amen.

Dear Friend, Jesus wants to make you His own child. Ask for forgiveness for your past life. Jesus will forgive you. He will renew your life and lead you like a father lead His own child. Please humble you heart and pray to Jesus. If you want to know how you can become a child of Jesus, you can read here =>

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We are praying for you. Jesus will surely bring peace and joy in your life. He will release you from all your problems. May God bless you and make you a blessing for many.

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