Price of your Soul

From the pre-historic period soul was considered a separate entity from the body. Linguistically soul is defined as the immaterial part of the human body, which determines the emotion and character. From a theological perspective, soul has received greater importance compared to the body. Almost all the religions agree soul lives forever. Some believe in its incarnation and some not, but all agree on soul lives for even after body ceases to exist.

Bible gives greater importance to the soul than to our body. The soul in the Bible is always mostly associated with the heart. The words heart and soul repeats together thirty times in bible with the primary purpose to stress upon following God’s commandments and loving from deep within.

We would have to go back to the garden of Eden and understand the purpose of our creation to understand the value of our soul. We are created to have fellowship with God and live our life in eternity along with the creator. The stage was set up to create a perfect communion of the human soul with God. When the fellowship was broken through the mix of greed and disobedience, God in his perfect holiness gave the judgment, which is a mixture of a curse for all parties involved, which led to the isolation of man and God and his plan for redemption.

God’s beautiful plan to redeem human soul started immediately. Though He isolated and driven away man from the Garden of Eden, he loved the sacrifices offered by Abel. He walked with Enoch. He loved Noah and revealed his plan. He made an everlasting covenant with not only Noah and his sons, but with all living creatures that he will never destroy them again with water (Gen 9:12,13). He blessed Abraham and selected a promised generation. He introduced laws, tabernacle, and sacrifices, so that man can approach God through high priest and have fellowship. Led them to the promised land and gave them a king, when they rejected Him.

His temple reflected His divine plan. The bread, the lamp stand, and the light and the holy of holies all point to the future Messiah. His prophets prophesied about the Messiah, again and again, all through the pages of the Bible, who will come and redeem the soul. The love letters of God kept flowing all through the history during the times of obedience as well as disobedience.

His final plan to reconcile the human soul was put into execution through His Son, Jesus Christ on the appointed time. All the images of laws and prophecy were fulfilled through Jesus (Matthew 5:17). The shadows of the laws, sacrifices, promises, and prophecies became reality through the Messiah.

The sacred bread was nothing but the broken body of Christ. The blood of the lamb was the blood of the Christ. The high priest was to be replaced by the son of God to reconcile the soul of man.

Jesus Christ came to the world to fulfill the thirst of the soul (Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. - John 7:37). His ministry was focused on the human soul. The highest priority and focus was given to the soul. What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? – Mark 8:36.

He died a painful death to snatch the keys of death and Hades. Rose again on the third day to remove the barrier and to redeem the soul. Jesus left an everlasting promise, whoever believes in his will have an eternal life. The human soul is supposed to enjoy the fellowship with God and live eternally with him and him alone. God paid the ultimate price to redeem it back through his own son.

Now, what is the price of your soul and my soul? Who paid the price to reconcile and restore it? The God who created the heaven and earth paid it in full. It's our responsibility to believe him, love him and honor him all through our lives. What a God we have!!

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