Ending Your Own Life – Is this a right decision?

Dear Friend,

Do we know answers to the following questions?

How we came to this earth? Who gave us life? What is the source of life?

All the religions agree the life originates from God and at the end of our life we will be judged based on what we have done with the life given to us. Both theism and pantheism believe in judgement at the end of life. They may differ in reincarnation theories, but all religions believe in being judged by God. All of them agree the source of life is God.

Hence, we received our life from God. You would agree unless you are an atheist. We may do things we like to do according to our freewill. But we are accountable for the decisions we take by applying the principle of free will.

Someone may say my life is messed up. I have a debt which I cannot close. I am divorced. I am an addict. I have terminal sickness. I am suffering in pain. My boy/girlfriend dumped me. I have a dark past life, which I cannot give up. Can we say, God who gave me my life no longer cares about me. Hence, I have a right to end my life. Is this a right conclusion? Is it right to say that my life is messed up because of God and just because he did not give me enough care?

Who messed our life? Was it not because of the wrong decisions made during the crucial points in life? Wouldn’t it better if only the decisions were made after careful consultation with God? God cares for our success. He wants us to be successful. He is not the cause of the issue, but he is the one who is willing to take up the responsibility of cleaning it up. God cares for us. Do we trust God? Do we trust in his ability to clean?

Independent of our status in life, God loves us. We might say everything is over. But God might see a new beginning. Have you tried everything in life and tired of trying? Stop trying. Give your life to God. Let Him start from where you stopped. When God is with you who can be against you.

Do you want to give your life to Jesus? Jesus came to the earth as a man. He came to earth to heal, save, forgive, and wipe the tears of men. Just because he came as man does not make him a man. He is God who became man for the sake of men. Jesus revealed the true nature of God. He forgave and forgot the sins of every sinner. Would you like to commit your life to Jesus? We have provided additional guidance = here.

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