God of Daniel is Your God

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Daniel was a young man when he was caught as a slave moved to Babylon. His dreams were shattered. He lived under a glorious kingdom under a God-fearing King Josiah. But everything fell apart very soon in a matter of a few years. The fierce armies of Nebuchadnezzar surrounded Jerusalem …

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Daniel 1 – Exile to Babylon

In order to get background on the book of Daniel, would suggest the readers go through the historic background on the book of Daniel. Isiah’s Prophesy The great man Daniel in all probability would know the prophecy of Isaiah foretold approximately 110 years ago to King Hezekiah. 17 The time …

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Daniel – Historic Background

The story of Daniel starts from the Prophecy of Isaiah, when King Hezekiah out of his pride showed everything he had to the envoy from Babylon.  The pride act of Hezekiah was severely condemned and the future damage the king of Babylon will cause on Judah was foretold by prophet …

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