Dear friends, Jesus is alive today. He still heals. He listens, loves, cares, and answers our prayers. Below are the testimonies of people who have experienced God's grace and love in their personal life in a special way. As you read, you will notice their happiness and tears of joy as they narrate their story. Jesus does not show any partiality. He is waiting to give you a personal experience today. Are you ready to receive it from the God who created the heavens and the earth? Believe Him!! It's your day. If Jesus can change the lives of below dear ones He can do for you too.


Jesus healed me from depression - David

Hi, I want to say a big Thank you to believehim.org. You changed my life even though I only found this page yesterday the 24th of November. This page helped overnight, waking up on the 25th of November I felt my depression and anxiety being lifted. There truly is “NOTHING” God can’t do. Thank you so much


Started clearing my Debt - Ruth

Hello, For a year now, I have been accumulating so much debt. I took loans from one company to repay another. The business has been slow, so I couldn't rely on that. The interest kept increasing. I became so sad and usually cry almost every night. But recently, through some people, God showed me he was there for me. Out of 15 loan apps, I took loans from, I have been able to clear 5 of them and deleted the apps from my phone. I am really God grateful to God for this because I believe very soon, there'll be no single one left. Praise the Lord for me. God is Alive.

Jesus gave me hope amid my debt - Doreen

Hello everyone.

God is REALLY faithful, I took five days praying with you for a financial breakthrough and just yesterday my son inlaw paid for my car installment and my daughter also got a job. I am REALLY grateful for what God is doing in my life. I can see that he will take me out of debt instantly. Thank you, Jesus, Thank you the Almighty.
Thank you

God saved me from Suicide attempt - Timothy

Praise God. Am Timothy, I am here to testify the Goodness of God. I was depressed for the past two weeks; I and my partner broke up with me. I felt I was hopeless, and life was meaningless to me this affected me, and I ended up leaving work because my productivity was too low. On top of leaving work, I have a high debt in the bank and friends this too affected me, and I felt I can't do this anymore. I decided to buy poison and end my life. After buying it I entered my house, locked all the doors and it was time to drink the poison, when I opened the tin to drink the chemical affected my eyes and it was too smelly. I decided to Google and find another way of killing myself without feeling too much pain, as I opened it, I click on a website that was talking about suicidal thoughts on the google ad below I clicked on to believe him, and that is how I found the 5 days of prayer and challenge. I have prayed the 5 days and I feel I have peace of mind; I feel am ready to face my debts with no job, and I feel I have the strength to move forward.

Jesus helped me to come out of the debt - Rodney

I just want to thank you guys for being my last hope in times when I suffered mental illness because of my debts .it wasn't easy to deal with the situation, but you brought Jesus into my life through prayers and teachings, and I have realized that Jesus is the truth and i also prayed. My creditors did want to give me a payment plan which exceeds one day but after you prayed with me, they gave me three months to pay up and i am almost done and may the glory be to the almighty God that you introduced me guys

I will never leave him; may the Lord give me the strength to continue to follow him and make the right choices in life. May the Lord give you strength to help others in a difficult situation and bless you abundantly.
The same God can help you to come out of debt too =>

Jesus Healed me from depression - Jasmine

Hello everyone, I am Jasmine from Singapore. I personally testify to the miracles and goodness of Jesus's son of God Almighty most high. He cannot lie but is faithful and keeps all His promises to us. During a prolonged season of depression and anxiety The Lord miraculously lifted me up with His mighty hand after I submitted and humbled myself under His mighty hand when I thought I could not bear a moment longer. It is as written in James 4:7 and 1 Peter 5:6-7. Do not believe the devil's Lies however deceitfully real it may seem but press on as the victory that Jesus has already secured for us will surely manifest. Miraculously no less. God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow thus so are His miracles recorded in the Bible. Hallelujah! Love you Jesus thank You! Thank you, K Franklin and your wife for praying for us and standing together with us in belief and prayer. As the prayer of a righteous person avails much and when 2 or more come together and agree God Almighty is especially pleased.

Jesus wants to heal you from depression =>

God Never Let me down - Millicent

Praise God, am Millicent born again Christian Anglican Church from Kenya, and today I'm humble before Almighty God for the wonderful things he has done unto me. I am to share with you my testimony, I have been through a lot of ups and downs in life I separated from my husband 6 months ago and I am a mother of three I am also a guardian for two girls so I have 5kids in general. I have my grocery shop and God has been on our side we have never lacked food, rent, fees, and also transportation for me and my girl because they are in day school and it a bit far from home, God Almighty has been with us we can't complain.

I have been surrounded by many people who call themselves my enemies at work even though we do not talk but last week something happened at my place of work where there was one family who was trying to grab my place of work surprisingly God sent these people who call me their enemies and they stood up for me they defended me and they said that those who are trying to take my place cannot and will not take it.

I was surprised how God turn my enemies to be by my side praising God.

Another testimony this month I was like confused I don't know how I will pay rent because the fruits that I have been selling were out of season I didn't have enough cash to pay bills but in the same week I traveled for a journey that took me 13hours for fasting and prayer due to my situation praise God after 3days later from a prayer my customer who had my debt send me a cheque of 50,000ksh and that is how I paid rent, I added to stock. what looks to be impossible God turns possible for me don't give up He is fighting behind the scenes praise God.

God showed me a way - Mussa

Thanks very much for your frequent prayers towards my request on erupted debits am owing to. But Alas! I have seen God's Hand taking part in the said issue. I was like committing suicide, but after praying and your prayers too, I called my debtors and plea with them to give me more time to source funds and they equally took heed of my plea

Jesus Gave me New Hope - Marya

Blessed Brethren.

Our God is able to give us new hopes in our lives. I thank him that he has never left my side. I can confess he has always been my guide and comforter.
Let's look up to him in all situations. He is always there for us.
Be blessed
Lost Hope. Jesus wants to give you a new purpose for you =>

God helped me to come out of debt - Ifeoluwa

Good evening, sir/ma
God has done miraculous work in my life concerning the debt I owed, he has paid it all.

Join me to thank God who did not put me to shame and made my enemies ashamed of themselves.

All I have to say is Thank you, Jesus

Jesus Healed me from Depression - Indjamba

Last year I was really depressed, and I almost committed suicide, that's when I join this platform and I found out that God loves me no matter what. I'm grateful for the words of God and the glory be to God.

Lost Peace? Jesus wants to fill your heart with peace =>

Jesus Changed my life - Bereket

First, I want to praise the Lord for giving me second chance to live a beautiful life knowing Jesus. He picks me up and raise me. My life has changed all my prayers are answered thank you, God.

Jesus lifted me up - Dannine

I have been rescued by Jesus to a better living place.  I asked Jesus to take the hatred out of my heart.  I am a new creature in Christ.  My identity was in struggling to pay bills alone and borrowing money.

I am living as a helper and I a treated so well.

I came out of drugs - Patrick

I requested prayer help from you 5 months ago because I had problems with drug and substance use which led me to have anxiety and it was affecting my everyday life but with prayers now, I'm ok and about to finish my degree. The Lord is good all the time.

Jesus wants to heal your past =>

Jesus brought me out of Debt - Ruth

Sometimes l came across this ministry, l was down, and all l could see then was suicide, nothing else matter to me anymore. I was in huge debt, my business collapsed, and everything was just working against me. l couldn't see my way. But suddenly, l had the urge to pray, and l wanted Jesus to make himself known to me in a new way. Jesus is a burden bearer, the only hope of the hopeless. Right from my mother's womb, Jesus has kept me till now, imagine!! My mother abandoned me at 6 months old, l grew up with my grandma, but she is later now. My father didn't care for me, He went to marry another woman and start his new life. He never told me anything about my mum. l grew up very lonely, l was always treated as nobody by some of my father's family because they were well-to-do then. But l pressed on, Jesus was with me all the way, and sometimes l felt the presence of Jesus wrapping his lovely arms around me. crying was part of my life. I went on like that, l graduated from the University, and started my life. In the process, l met a man who took advantage of me, and before you know it l had 2 boys and he later abandoned me and the kids. But God always torture his heart, he took care of them but made sure his money doesn't benefit me. l went into depression, but the little children always speak to me, l believe God was the one speaking through them. God is faithful and through my personal struggle in life, l got to know who God really is. I owed some people money, and my business went bad, my case was like the pile of bone Prophet Ezekiel saw in a vision, so hopeless. But the almighty hands of Jesus set me Free. And l believed that same God would deliver someone today by his mighty hands. GOD IS WAY TOO GOOD, run to him and He will set you free.

Jesus brought me out of financial hardship - Fenny

Last year I have gone through some Challenges in life, at that time I felt that I needed someone to pray with or needed some counseling. I was lying in my bed and thought come for me to type and search on how to save money. However, it was this prayer page that appeared during my search.

When I was reading through, I saw that every situation I was going through just appeared and I felt like Jesus was directly talking to me. After that first communication, I established with your site that the following month I was offered a job.

Now I have a job to take care of my family and thank God for his blessings and thanks to you all for the prayers.

Are you in debt? Your help is a prayer away.

Started following Jesus once again - Edward, Zambia

The greatest testimony now is back to my lord Jesus Christ who did his best to buy me back to God. I was a backslider but now Jesus is leading my life. thank you for your prayers and the entire group of intercessors.

Jesus gave me a job - Kenton, Kenya

For the last 5 years I didn't have stable jobs, I used to work for a few months then my job ended but now at least I have a stable job though low paying, but I thank God.

My God Provided for my needs - Amanda

God helped me a lot. I don't know how I would cope in life without God. My life was so lonely when my parents died. But I accepted Jesus as my Savior and things change. I did not have money to go to school, but God made sure I don't suffer and provided me with money coming out of nowhere. I would sleep worrying about where will I get money for rent and for food the next day, but my everlasting God would make sure that there is a plan. to show me don't worry my child about Tomorrow. Tomorrow has its own problems. I thank God for protecting and guiding me and would want to know more about God.

I was empty and lost. But Jesus found me - Mylis

I am so grateful to God I found this website, I started feeling empty and lost because I had a lot of debts, and failed relationships with friends and my world was kind of crumbling. I started reading the word and tried seeking answers by reading God's word from believing him and i never turned back. God indeed came to my rescue.

This very year on September 25th I got married, oh Jesus you're so good to me. I have paid off some of the debts I had and now am expecting a baby in my womb may God's name always be glorified

Jesus Never stopped Loving Me - Priscilla

I called myself the worst sinner, my testimony will be a horror to many, but I need to tell my fellow Christians what my Almighty Father has so far done in my life. I grew up in a broken family where Christian values are not nurtured. From my early childhood, I was abused mentally and emotionally at home as well as at school. As I enter into my teenage life, I seek love and care through friends, I fell in love with a guy who is now my present husband. Our relationship progressed quickly into physical. I know that's insane. He left me and I got into another relationship with a guy. My relationship with God totally got broken.

After some years I reshuffle my life and draw close to God I finished my master's degree and got a job I was happy, and I thanked God for loving me so much. My relationship with God became better but then like a dream my first boyfriend came into my life again I got pregnant out of wedlock. He forced me to abort but I didn't, somehow, we managed to get married last year, our marriage was so much of challenges and pain the pressure I received from my parents and my husband's family compelled me to take an unwise step I attempted suicide, but I was saved by Almighty I was supposed to die but He didn't allow me to because His love for me is too great. We, humans, are selfish and heartless. There is no love greater than the love of God for us. My life is full of imperfections my husband left me. Right now, my life is in the process of healing. I have the strength to carry on as my precious baby boy is by my side and I have a God that never stopped loving me. Praise the Lord I am saved from death and shame. I have a broken arm that is healing likewise my spirituality is too. I don't deserve a hand I don't deserve to be alive, but I survived suicide because my God is merciful, and He loves me more than I could ever understand. I will live the rest of my life for Him as being forgiven by His everlasting love.

Jesus Healed me from depression ~ David

I suffered from severe depression called Paranoia, doctors tried giving me antidepressants and advised me not to stop taking as it would worsen the situation. Unfortunately, the drugs had gravy side effects on me. I then stopped taking drugs and committed myself to Jesus who gave me Total healing from depression, I am now living normally, iam back to office as well as studying. I call upon everybody in any kind of trouble to call on Jesus who never fails.

With Jesus, impossibilities are not true.

Jesus Shaped my life ~ Shannon
Hope you are good...for me my testimony would be that after high school life I never thought it would be possible for me to be able to shape my life, this is because after my final examination I didn't quite get the results I really anticipated getting. I went into a depression degrading myself became more of a loner until I subscribed to your page which has been really helpful...I got to see that not all hope is gone and that there is still more that I can do to get my life into shape. As for now am pursuing a course hoping to finish by God's grace and get to further the course.
Thank you so much.

Jesus Helped me to come out of my past ~ Vangile

In my last letter, I revealed the loss I encounter.
I was scammed and lost everything I have, my house, my car, my furniture my clothes everything was taken by the scammer who hypnotized me.
I did not have a place to stay.
I wanted to die; I thought it is over with me.
The storm was too thick to see a way out.
I started having a good relationship with God and asking for peace.
I had never asked for anything except peace. In John 14:27
Peace, I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

Jesus Gave me a new purpose and focus on life ~ Bravia

First of all, I would like to thank you for all the verses/scriptures that you have been sending me. Since I have started receiving emails from you a lot has changed in my life, how I see myself, my relationship with God and how to overcome situations through God. I've learned to reconcile to Jesus, I've learned to communicate with him about everything and it feels good. I'm thankful really

I've been in dark places, I've wasted so much of my time on useless things instead of focusing on my schoolwork and I had lost track of time, it's now that I'm starting to pick up my piece so I could finish college and get a job. I'm asking for y'all's prayers so I could stay in the right track and achieve everything I put myself on.

Jesus healed me from Pornography ~ Avion
At the beginning of this year, I had an overwhelming addiction to pornography. I would spend so many hours engaging in this sinful act that my eyes became red and painful, and I would barely go outside or interact with people. I felt like my life was worthless and I was taking a nose-dive straight into hell. Sometimes I repented and went right back into the same pit a few hours after.

One day, I desperately began searching the internet for ways to overcome sexual addiction and thankfully I found this website.  I emailed my prayer request for deliverance and to my surprise, I received all the answers and scriptures I needed to hear. But most importantly, the Pastor said he and his wife prayed for me.  From that day, I felt as though the demon of pornography was lifted from my life. I never had that uncontrollable desire to watch it again. With all my heart, I thank this ministry for their prayer and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for being my present help in the time of trouble! With God all things are possible.  He hears and answers prayer.

You can come out of sexual obsessions =>

Jesus Healed me from my past ~ Mercy

I just want to Thank God for the Gift of life and everything that he did in my life My testimony goes like this lm grateful that God healed me from the past l had fear for the future but not anymore l had sex before marriage at a younger age and l confessed my sins to God 1John 1vs9 and want to also thank you for all the sermons who gave helped me to have a peace of mind l no longer feel guilty of my past sins because Jesus paid it all he loves me he cares for me and has great plans for me Jeremiah 29:11 now l have a positive attitude not to look for the past but to look forward

Jesus Changed My life ~ Brenda

I would like to thank you very much for your continued spiritual support & prayers. God bless you!
Ever since I sent my first email to you in July 2019, My life has changed positively. I remember I was on the verge of giving up and my life was not making any sense. I was deeply hurt.
Fast forward, today I confidently say that God is a great & capable God and nothing you ask of Him, He will fail to answer. He has indeed done me good. He gave me a caring, loving & God-fearing husband & now we have a healthy 4 month old daughter. Isn't God amazing?
I truly thank Him for the family he has provided me with & I pray He continues showering us with His unending blessings. May He give us good health & May we never lack. God please expand our businesses & may we receive financial breakthrough in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.
To anyone feeling they cannot do anything, feeling like giving up? Keep going. Don't get sucked into thinking that you'll be in this dark place forever. God is with you and will always be with you. Tell Him all your problems, He will listen, and He will comfort you.

Jesus gave me hope for tomorrow ~ Sison

Hi...thanks for the inspirational words of the Lord. It really helps me to be at peace with God.

Though, many times in my life, I encounter depression and feel like i don't want to move on. I feel my life is meaningless...Yet, i always pray but my prayer sometimes is not from the deepest of my heart.
My connection to the Lord sometimes lost because I didn't take truly. Thank you for these uplifting words of God. I feel can face tomorrow with confidence and hope to the Lord.
Jesus wants to give you hope =>

Jesus Healed me ~ Okparaocha
By the first quarter of 2020 sometime around June, I was going through series of health challenges.
I had gone to to different hospital both private and government owned ones, did series of laboratory tests in different private laboratories, took several medications but wouldn't feel any better.
I was diagnosed of stomach ulcer; I could also remember treating malaria and typhoid week in week out. The situation went on and on till January 2021 then I had lost weight because I was often ill...
My prayers every day was for God to preserve my life and help me out of the illnesses that surround me at that time.
But I thank God who answered my prayers, showed me mercy and gave me a second chance to stay alive. Today I am perfectly good.
I give God all the glory.
His name alone be praised.

Jesus brought me out of Debt ~ Kaida
Thank you in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior for your email. The Lord has done wonderful things in my life. Especially in my debt situation. I can proudly testify that I have managed to repay 70% of my debt. I hope and pray to be debt free by September 2021.

Jesus Healed me from Suicidal thoughts ~ Patience

With a heart full of gratitude, I wanna bless the name of the Lord for comforting me through my difficult times and for giving me the strength I need to believe life is worth living.

He made a way where there seems to be no way, I've had suicidal thoughts because one reasons or the other, but he took me and fought my battles, he paid my debts without owing anyone and he protected and provided for I and my family.
I'll forever be grateful.

Jesus Healed me from depression ~ Jocelyne
My testimonial is the fact that after a long hard Journey with many obstacles (deceptions, depression.
I wish to serve Him in the Church.
He held me in the darkest of my days and healed my wounded heart, now I am going to Praise His Holy Name Forever!
Thank you, Lord, for giving me the chance and the Grace to read my Life through You who revealed yourself in it every step of the way!
Jesus can bring you out of depression =>

Jesus brought me out of depression ~ Diksha
I had major depressive episode, had a abusive marriage, tried to commit suicide. One day I had severe palpitations. I searched online for help . Then all of sudden I found your webpage. I contacted you seeking help. Father, you and your wife's prayers have really helped me. I am improving slowly. Very soon, I will finish my PhD . Once again I am thankful to you and almighty.
Jesus said to her , I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in me will live even though he dies and whoever lives and believes in me, will never die.

Jesus gave me Hope amid hopelessness ~ Uchenna
I am thankful and grateful to God for making me come across your website. I was in a very dark place in my life the time I stumbled on your article online. My life was in a big mess, and l couldn't bear the pain.
I felt my life was hopeless and worthless. I felt so much emptiness, that I could not see any possible way out of it. It appeared like the only way out to end the unbearable pain was to literally end it all...
But through your article that night, you gave me hope and increased my faith in God again.  Your prayers healed my heart: I felt light around me in the midst of a thick darkness...
God answered my prayers and restored my life. Now I feel a sense of fulfilment. God bless you. Glory to God!

Thank you for going through all the testimonies. I am sure Jesus would have spoken to you personally and increased your faith. Now you should be having enough reason and logic to Believe Him. Shall we join together and pray to Jesus? He is going to answer you personally. Whatever may be prayer today, Jesus is waiting to listen from your lips and the from the depth of your Heart. Let your soul and the spirit reach out to Jesus right now. As we pray, Jesus will join with us and pray for our cause to the Heavenly father. Let's pray.

Dear Jesus, we are praying along with our dear friend. You know their heart. You know their heart's cry. May your nail-pierced hands touch their life and mend their life. Please fill every brother and sister's heart with your heavenly peace. Show them your way. Reveal your will. Jesus, you are the God who created heaven and the earth. All things are possible for you. We believe in you and put all the trust in you. You know our hearts cry and answer all our prayers. In Jesus's mighty name, we pray. Amen.

Dear friend, we are praying for everyone who is visiting this website. Let's continue to hold on to Jesus and follow Him faithfully. He will never let you down.

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