Knowing God – He is a prince of Peace

Jesus said, Peace, I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. – John 14:24 ESV Dear friend, We are continuing our Journey of Knowing God. We are going to discuss …

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Knowing God – Like a father, Jesus loves us all | Believe Him

Dear friend, Thanks for joining with us today. We are embarking on the journey of knowing God. You might know about your friends. We always take pride in knowing about famous people. We take every opportunity to take a picture with them (given a chance) and brag about it on social …

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Knowing God: He is a God of Mercy – Believe Him

Dear friend, we hope you are enjoying our series on Knowing God. No one can explain about God other than God himself. We can never understand what God has explained unless we seek to know Him with all our hearts. Only the hunger and thirst in our hearts will help us …

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Knowing God : Jesus is a God of Compassion | Believe Him

Bible Reading: Mark 7:11-16 If he cries to me, I will hear, for I am compassionate. – Exodus 22:27 (ESV).   Dear Friend, We welcome you warmly to the series of Knowing God. We are thanking God for this great opportunity to know Him personally together. The Bible says, “And this is eternal life, …

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Knowing God : Our God is a Righteous and Holy God | Believe Him

The Precious and pierced Hands of Jesus wants to touch your life

Our God is a righteous and Holy God. He created the universe with his word. He said, Let there be light. The light was there. Even though He is powerful and all things are possible for Him, the Lord is always righteous. His “yes” is always yes. He does what …

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Knowing God : What pleases the heart of Jesus? – Believe Him

Praising God

We know how to please our family members. We understand what makes our spouses happy. We understand the responsibility to live a pleasing and honorable life so that our parents can be proud of our lives. Do we know how to please God who created us? Do we know the …

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Do you know what God hates?

The Precious and pierced Hands of Jesus wants to touch your life

Bible reading: Proverbs 6:16-19 Dear friend, we are on a journey to understand and know God. As part of this journey, we will meditate on the various attributes of our dear God. The Bible is the best place to learn about God. Our God himself wrote 66 books in the Bible …

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