Deep into debt? Your Help is a prayer away

Dear friend, God cares for you. It does not matter where you are and what your background is. Jesus wants to help you during your difficult times. He is your heavenly father. He is with you right now wherever you are reading this message. At the end of this message, …

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How to come out of Anxieties, worries and the Fear?

Dear friend, Hope you have prayed a prayer along with us in the above video. Jesus cares for your future deeply. He wants to heal you from all the anxiety. Before we go any further, we would like to let you know that are not counselors or health care workers.  …

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How to Overcome Fear? How to stop the fear?

Fear comes into our lives in many ways. Some go through fear as the debt amount they have to repay increases every day. Those who go through sickness fear for their future and the uncertainties around their life. There are many fearful situations in our communities, in our everyday job, …

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