Will God really forgive my past mistakes?

Dear friend, Do you think there is no forgiveness for your past mistakes? Are you struggling with a guilty conscious indefinitely? Jesus not only wants to forgive your past, but He also wants to forget all of them today. He wants to free you from all the guilt and shame.  …

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Cry of a depressed heart

Why do I feel alone? Why do I feel sad? Why is my heart heavy and burdened? My life lost all its purpose. It’s a boat tossed in a stormy night without an anchor to hold. It stands like a withered tree. I only breathe sorrow. I drink my own …

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Will Jesus forgive my past sexual immorality?

The Precious and pierced Hands of Jesus wants to touch your life

Dear friend, are you searching for answers to whether your past mistakes will be forgiven? Are you feeling guilty about what you did in the past? Jesus wants to speak to you personally. He wants to help you unload all the burdens of your heart.  How did Jesus deal with …

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Will someone go to hell if they kill themselves?

There are worried friends and heartbroken parents who keep pondering about their loved ones who choose to end their life themselves. Their inquiry is always about where did their loved ones go? Are they in heaven or they are in hell? This bombards their minds millions of times.  Dear reader, …

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The solution to the problem of living together

We receive prayer requests from many who called their children’s fathers their partners. Some introduce their companion as their children’s father and not as their husband. Others send prayer requests to conceive a child with their partner. The world has accepted the living together relationship broadly. It established a broad …

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Jesus wants to release you from every chain in your life

If someone asks us if we are bound in the chain, then our immediate answer would be no. We are so proud to call ourselves free men. We do not want anyone to control us.  Many nations paid enormous sacrifices to be free. Humanity paid a great deal of price …

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How to overcome depression through prayers?

Dear friend, are you going through depression today? You might be trying to search for a solution to overcome depression. We understand you could have accidentally stumbled on this website. God cares for you today. He cares for your quality of life and your future dearly. Jesus wants to heal …

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You are not alone. Never alone!

Dear Friend, The feeling of loneliness can dawn on someone’s life even when they are surrounded by many people. Although people who workday in and day out in social settings feel lonely. An editor of a magazine recently wrote to us about the lonely feelings she has been going through. …

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Are you a single Mom? Your Children have a heavenly father

Dear friend, are you a single mom carrying all the family loads of earning, feeding, and guiding your children all alone? We have received emails from many single moms. Our hearts are with you. We would like to pray along with you. Jesus cares for you. He dearly cares for …

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