Romans 8 – Part 2 : Glory

If we get everything we longed for in life including money, lavish house, job, respect etc. what else will our mind be looking forward to? Its practically impossible to get everything in life. In order to look at a perfect scenario, let’s look back to some of the great emperors, …

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Romans – 6 : Baptism

  For the last 5 chapters, Paul discusses how faith alone can give access righteousness by giving examples from the life of Abraham. Jesus the Messiah had fulfilled all the prophesies and paid the price for our redemption from sin. Does that mean, man can live the life sin but …

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Romans – 3

Major content and contribution of the bible came from Jews. They were considered as holy race, chosen generation and God’s own children. Romans 3 starts with “What is the advantage of being a Jew?” V9. Both Jews and gentile are under the power of sin. There is no advantage of …

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