Remembered For His Death

Neil Armstrong will be ever remembered in the books of History as the first man who walked on the moon. Albert Einstein will be remembered forever for his invention on the theory of relativity. The world still remembers Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and other emperors for their heroism. Much has …

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Do You Love Jesus?

It was his last day before his death. He knew it very well. On that night he was going to be arrested then judged and finally crucified next day morning. Knowing His time on earth was running out Jesus took his disciples for a private dinner together.┬áJesus knew one practical …

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What is Christmas

What is Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Most of us celebrate Christmas independent of whether we follow Christ or not. Christmas tree, Santa Claus and the Christmas discounts give a special reason for Christmas celebration. There are Christmas parties and celebrations all around. Cards and gifts …

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