Do Not Harden Your Heart

Dear friend, if you are reading this message I firmly believe God has not brought you to this page accidentally. He loves you very much and cares for your future. He not only cares for your earthly needs, God also cares for your future beyond your earthly life. He cares for …

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You Are a Child of God

Dear friend, we are born to our parents. Most of us look like our parents. Some talk like our parents. We inherit the skin color from our forefathers. Our hair color comes from our genes. Not only the physical characteristics, but experts say we also inherit the emotional intelligence and …

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The Story of Two Souls

Some of you might know the story of Lazarus and the rich man Jesus told. For those who don’t let me give a summary. The story talks about two men. One was rich, but his name was not mentioned (strange but true). The other one was a poor man. His …

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The Only Way

Dear Friend, Experts suggest we make 35,000 decisions a day. Excluding our average sleeping time of seven hours, we make one decision every two seconds. Not all decisions may not be an important one. Most of them could be insignificant. Our choices and decisions make our lives. We have the …

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Sow Reap

We REAP What we SOW

If we plant an apple seed, it grows and becomes an apple tree. It produces apple fruit. It never produces orange or grapes. The seed determines the nature of the tree and its fruits. Based on what kind of seed we sow, we reap the fruits. If we sow the …

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Alone With God

Alone with God

How wonderful our life would be if we derive our plans from God’s plans? He can teach us what to do when to do and how to do it.   If the country is defined by its population then facebook could be easily the largest country in the world with …

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