How to protect ourselves from the storms of life?

We are so glad to connect with you once again in the month of October. Many have written to us about the depression and the debt-related problems they are going through in life. We are praying for every one of you. This month let’s go through and understand how can …

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When was the last time God spoke to you?

Freedom From Depression

Many years ago there was a king called Saul. He was fighting against the Philistines for many years in his life. At one point in time, the Philistines mustered a large army and came against Saul and his army. When Saul saw the size of the Philistine army he realized …

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How to Design our life the way God intended?

Dear friend, are you searching for ways to construct your life according to God’s. As we continue our life in an ever-changing world, it is important we design our life carefully to avoid disappointments. Our wrong choices can lead us to many negative consequences. How can we avoid making wrong …

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Jesus and the Expert in Law. Who is my Neighbor?

One day an expert in law came to meet Jesus. During the times of Jesus if a man needs to be called an expert he needs to have complete knowledge in the book of laws. This man who came to meet Jesus had mastered or memorized the entire old testament …

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Lot – Righteous Man Who took Continuous Wrong Turns

Lot was a righteous man. Apostle Peter calls him a righteous man. But Lot’s life was deviated by the choices he made which took him away from original God’s plan. He trusted his eyes and human logic more than God’s plan. Step by step satan enticed Lot to make wrong …

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How Can We Approach the New Year this time Differently?

I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close. – Jesus Christ Dear friend, By now we have seen many new years. The New Year is always surprising and known for new goals, fresh plans, and decisions. Some resolutions …

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Jesus said, Blessed is the Man who has a need for God

Jesus said, “God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs”. This was his first statement Jesus made on His famous sermon on the mount. For a man to enter the kingdom of heaven he should have a need for …

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How to Control the Tongue?

You will say the wrong thing if you talk too much–so be sensible and watch what you say. – King Solomon Dear friend, Our tongue is one of the smallest parts of our body. But it is difficult to control. A few wrong choices of words can put an end to …

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