Will God really forgive my past mistakes?

Dear friend, Do you think there is no forgiveness for your past mistakes? Are you struggling with a guilty conscious indefinitely? Jesus not only wants to forgive your past, but He also wants to forget all of them today. He wants to free you from all the guilt and shame.  …

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The solution to the problem of living together

We receive prayer requests from many who called their children’s fathers their partners. Some introduce their companion as their children’s father and not as their husband. Others send prayer requests to conceive a child with their partner. The world has accepted the living together relationship broadly. It established a broad …

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Why I am Feeling Guilty? How to come out of guilty Conscious?

When we get infected with COVID – 19 we get the associated symptoms such as cough and fever. When we visit the general practitioners they normally ask for symptoms of the problems we go through in our body. The symptoms provide a signal that our body is sick. They are …

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God So Loved the World

Dear friend, The Bible says, God so loved the world He gave His only son, Jesus, as a sacrifice for our past mistakes. Why should God love you and me so much? He could have sent an angel to sacrifice for us. He could have negotiated a heavy ransom to …

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Holy Spirit Can Free Us from Our Past

Rev. David Wilkerson started his ministry in the streets of New York among drug users in the mid-1950s. There was no medical cure to come out of drugs during that time. Jackie Pullinger who worked among drug users in Hong Kong faced similar challenges in the 1960s. People who are …

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Jesus forgave my past. But My Past still keep chasing me.

We have received many questions in the past on the subject of going back to the old life. Why are the past mistakes and obsessions keep chasing me even after I have asked forgiveness? I have told the sinner’s prayer and sincerely asked Jesus to forgive me. I know Jesus …

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How Could Jesus Forgive Our Sins?

Dear friend, Many believe the sins of our life can be forgiven by donating a large sum of money to a person or a place. Some believe if we can do more good than bad, then the good things we have done will cancel the bad things from our life. …

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