Jesus Journey to Cross – A day before Passover

(John 13, Luke 22) Bible is quiet about what Jesus did two days before the Passover. Jesus did return to Bethany in the evening after discussing with high priest and Pharisees three days before the Passover. It is recorded in Marc 13. The next event recorded in the bible is …

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Jesus Journey to Cross – 3 Days to go

Based on Marc 11, 12 & 13 In the morning Jesus and his disciples traveled back to Jerusalem. The Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes were waiting for Jesus in the temple to catch him with his own words. This was going to be the last day of Jesus public ministry. While …

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Jesus Journey to Cross – 4 Days to go

(Based on Marc 11:12-19) Jesus was staying in Bethany four days before his crucifixion. In the morning Jesus traveled from Bethany to Jerusalem along with his disciples. Now let’s note Jesus was left with only last two days of his public ministry. He spent most of the last two days …

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Jesus Journey to Cross – 5 Days to go

During Passover, the population in Jerusalem increases by multiple times. It was just five days to go before Passover. Jesus knew his time on earth is coming to an end. Passover was a time to get together for Jews along with their relatives. Jews around the surrounding cities gather in …

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Jesus Journey to Cross – 6 Days to go

It was six days before the Passover. It was a special moment of reunion for every Jew. The city of Jerusalem was buzzing in festive mood. Jews who needs to go through purification reach Jerusalem in advance as the purification process takes seven days. No unclean man can enter the …

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Who is Joseph of Arimathea?

It was Jesus’s last night on earth. He chose to spend the evening with his disciples. The disciples of Jesus followed him for more than three years. They witnessed many miracles including the rise of three dead people. Disciples of Jesus never realized it was their last night with Jesus …

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Cost of Grace

Out of all the mocking which was going on that fateful afternoon two thousand years ago on the mount of Calvary, one thing was strange. It was not the thieves who were mocked at, but the man who was hanging with the label “This is the King of Jews” was …

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Jehovah Jireh

“Jehovah Jireh – My provider“ – Most of us will know this famous Song written by Don Moen. To refresh our memory, God called Abraham to come out of his forefather’s land and gave him promise that he will make his descendants a great nation (Gen 12:1-3). After waiting for …

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