Can Children inherit Parent’s faith?

In the eastern world Parents are very keen to pass on whatever the best inheritance they have to their children. They start saving early in their life for their children’s marriage, education, etc. As a child of our parents, we do inherit good and bad things. We inherit our parent’s …

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Kadesh – Forget not!!

If we go back in history to around BC 1400 along with the Jews who were journeying from Egypt to promised land and ask them to share some of the bitter memories most of them will mention the word Kadesh. Yes Kadesh!! a place they reached so close to the …

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Why Faith?

  There is a strong emphasis on faith among Christians community for different reasons. There are several faith-based movements which focus on blessing and God’s provision. As Christians, we do tell ourselves and others to grow in faith. We will focus today to understand, what aspects faith is essential to …

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