Tattoos : Right or Wrong?

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I have come across many of my friends, who are better Christians in heart than me but have a natural taste for Tattoos. I wish and hope, my God does not look at my heart and consider me as righteous based on my clean skin without tattoos. But unfortunately, the …

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Creation or Evolution?

How the universe was formed? Was it evolved or created? Can the theory of creation be logically proved with the support of scientific theory? You can find the answers in the below presentation. For better viewing experience please use tablet or laptop. If you have a prayer request, please …

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Solomon – How rich was he?

Solomon acquired lot of Gold during his life time. Listing some of the sources below. Let’s remember 1 talent is 34 kg. 1 Kings 9:14 – Hiram sent 120 talents of gold, which is 4,080kg. 1 Kings 9:28 – Solomon’s ships brought back 420 talents of gold, which is 14,280 …

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Who is the wife of Cain?

One of the frequent questions asked during the youth conference is who married Cain and how they are related? Is bible wrong in accepting marriage within the family? Before answering this question lets look at some more examples of marriages that happened in the bible, which is not normal in …

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