Can the morality override Christian ethics?

In today’s world morality defines what is right and wrong. But what is right and wrong changes over time. What was a law a few years ago is no longer a law now. At times morality is decided by the majority and popularity. When most of the people in a country agree something is right, it is voted in as right. What was right few years before gets voted out. The individual preferences take the center stage in morality. When morality is based on popularity, it becomes a new norm in our society. It becomes a definition of normal behavior. Anything which is not normal is considered as abnormal. A very good example of it is the gay law. What was considered as abnormal in many countries became normal very quickly in a matter of a few decades across many countries.

One famous man said, before removing a fence someone needs to check the reason why it was put up in the first place. The laws we have in our constitution were created for some reason by someone wise. But the rate at which they get pealed around the world by applying popularity and rating them as old needs a close watch. If we peel the fences without understanding the consequences our children will suffer.

Ethics are decided by the roots of human values and it does not change over time. Most of the dictionaries tend to combine ethics and morality as synonyms. The rate at which the morality changes the ethics needs to be separated from morality. If the ethics start merging with morality our children will lose sight of basic human values. Ethics can never be voted in or voted out by majority and popularity. It’s the fundamental human value, which defines who we are.

With the above context on Morality and ethics, let’s look at Christian ethics. Christian ethics hangs around two basics principles. Love your God and Love others. Jesus Christ put these two laws on top of everything else. Christians are called to love others independent of the status of an individual’s morality. Jesus hated the sin but loved the sinners. If you are a new believer trying to understand Christianity it's better to look at Christ than at Christians. All the Christians are human and all of us fall away from basic Christian ethics at some time or the other. That’s why Christ came to forgive and redeem us, if only we could believe him. The belief that involves deep confession, transformation, and repentance from the past way of life.

Christian ethics are inward facing. In other words, ethics defined by Christ are based on the condition of the heart. Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are the meek, blessed are the merciful, blessed are the peacemakers. These are some of the standards set by God to measure men. These are God’s expectation of men. Since God is immutable his expectations on man do not change over time. As the ethics are defined based on God’s expectation and God does not change, men do not have the option to change Christian ethics. No one can enter God’s domain and change something which belongs only to God.

Hence the changes in morality which bring deviation in our culture through its popularity does not and should not affect Christian ethics.

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