How to Remain in God?

(Based on John 15) If a branch of apple tree needs to produce apple fruit then it should be attached to the tree. If the branch is removed from the tree it will wither away and lose its purpose. As the roots are connected to the tree, a branch separated …

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Defending Gospel – Paul before Felix (Acts 24)

How many times do we get an open door to share the gospel to same person twice? Are we utilizing the situation carefully and to the best possible manner. In the series of Defending Gospel, lets go through how Paul defended Gospel in the given situation.


Defending Gospel – Paul in Jerusalem Temple (Acts 22)

Every one of us would have to defend our faith in Jesus to our family, friends or even to strangers at some point in our life. Its important to have clear thought why we believe in Jesus and reason behind our faith. So that we can provide strong defense for our faith. Lets go through how Paul defended his faith.