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How to Remain in God?



(Based on John 15)

If a branch of apple tree needs to produce apple fruit then it should be attached to the tree. If the branch is removed from the tree it will wither away and lose its purpose. As the roots are connected to the tree, a branch separated from tree cannot survive as the branch depends on the root for continuous nourishment. A withered branch is usually thrown away or burnt as it is no longer useful. 

We cannot distinguish whether the tree is connected to the branch or branch is connected to the tree as the connection between the tree and its branch is so natural and seamless.

Similarly, if our life needs to remain relevant and meaningful, we must be connected to God and remain with Him. If the connection with our God is broken then like a branch separated from the tree our life also loses its purpose. Similar to the natural and seamless connection between the tree and its branches God wants to connect with us. His invitation is always open. But it's our response to God’s invitation decides whether we chose to remain in the relationship or not.

As the branch withers when it does not get nourishment from the tree our life purpose entirely depends on the protection, guidance, and wisdom that God provides. When we do not remain with God we tend to make struggle to make right decisions, chose to speak wrong words and lose our normal behavior.

How do we remain with God?

As the bible says, the only way we remain with God is by loving Him. God is also connected with us through His love for us. Our love for God brings in natural human obedience to follow God’s commandments. God never asks us to obey Him forcefully, but he calls for loving obedience. Hence the obedience comes naturally when we love Him. As the relationship between us and God are forged in love and we start obeying Him, God starts shaping our life and make sure it bears fruit.

Nobody likes a tree full of leaves. We want to see its fruits in the right season and time. The branch is heavily dependent on the tree to bear good quality fruits. God enables us to bear fruit in our life according to His plan and for His glory. There is a crucial difference between what we consider a victorious life vs what God considers fruitful life. The scale of measurement could be radically different between human eyes and God’s eyes.

God created every one of us for a plan and purpose. By remaining with God in His love we will gladly fulfill God’s plan in our life. By staying away from his love, we will not be connected with God, But our life is measured by its fruit that God intended to expect from our life and not by our victories.

My dear friend, do you want to be connected with God and remain in His love? If you do so, you will bear the fruits God intended in your life. Let’s pray.

Dear God, help me to love you more and remain in your love. Let my love for you drive me to follow your commandments with all my heart. You know the plan for which you have created me. Let your purpose be done in my life. I want to remain in your love and willing to surrender my life for your purpose and plan. Your thoughts are not my thoughts. Your way far higher and better ways than my ways. Lord, I love you. Help me remain in your love forever. Amen. 

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