How to come out of disappointments in life?

None of us likes to go through disappointments. We want to be successful and not a failure. We were taught to achieve big, climb tall and soar high. No one like to be a failure. We want to get a dream job and build a dream home. But despite all …

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The Decisions That decide our destiny

Today we are going to meditate on the decisions that decide our destiny. God gave us freedom of choice. He has kept all the doors of our life open. He has given us full freedom and power to choose what we want to do. But then the freedom comes with …

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Are you a single Mom? Your Children have a heavenly father

Dear friend, are you a single mom carrying all the family loads of earning, feeding, and guiding your children all alone? We have received emails from many single moms. Our hearts are with you. We would like to pray along with you. Jesus cares for you. He dearly cares for …

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What to do when you feel hopeless?

Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again—my Savior and my God! – The Bible.  Dear Reader, are you going through a hopeless situation? Do you think there is no solution to your situation? When there …

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Arise, Shine for your light has come

God wants to invite us out of the spiritual darkness into light.  The term light is an important discovery in the evolution of man. Thomas Edison invented light in the year 1879 after experimenting with 2000 objects. Long before, Thomas Edison discovered the light bulb, our forefathers learned how to …

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Do I know God or know about God?

bible blur christ christianity

There is a big difference between Knowing God and knowing about God. Many of us came to know about God through various literature, and the study of theology. We read books and listen to you tube videos to know about God. There is nothing wrong with this. Our ability to …

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Why we need to know more about God?

Bible Reading – Exodus 33: 12 – 34:7 Most seeks God during difficult times. Few others blame God for their problems in life. Some have a desire to meet Him. Some want to get proof of His existence. Others want to be blessed by Him. But very few want to know …

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Are you awaiting answers for your prayers?

Dear reader, any waiting period frustrates us. Waiting in a queue is not so enjoyable. We get annoyed when we wait for a delayed flight or train.  But people gladly joined the queue when new iPhones were released all around the world and they waited from the previous night for …

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