Do I know God or know about God?

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There is a big difference between Knowing God and knowing about God. Many of us came to know about God through various literature, and the study of theology. We read books and listen to you tube videos to know about God. There is nothing wrong with this. Our ability to …

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Why we need to know more about God?

Bible Reading – Exodus 33: 12 – 34:7 Most seeks God during difficult times. Few others blame God for their problems in life. Some have a desire to meet Him. Some want to get proof of His existence. Others want to be blessed by Him. But very few want to know …

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Are you awaiting answers for your prayers?

Dear reader, any waiting period frustrates us. Waiting in a queue is not so enjoyable. We get annoyed when we wait for a delayed flight or train.  But people gladly joined the queue when new iPhones were released all around the world and they waited from the previous night for …

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Though You Fall, You will Raise Again

The prophecies of Micah offer hope to anyone who goes through a hopeless situation. It conveys the heart of God. It explains how much God cares and how much he wants us to turn towards Him while we go through times of despair. To give some background to the context, …

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Jesus will lead you through the tough times

Dear friend, wherever you are today, Jesus loves you. He is with you right now. He cares about your future. He wants to lead your life and bring you out of all your difficult past. What if we have to travel through an unknown path we have been never before? …

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Why God is not speaking to me?

Why God does not speak to me anymore? Why He does not answer my prayers? Many ask these questions.  A few months ago, a sister shared her testimony about how she came to know about Jesus Christ. She is living in a country where there were no churches. She does …

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