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Wanting to disappear completely?



Dear friend, are you looking for ways to disappear and escape your current situation completely? You might be experiencing a moment of hurt and pain and thinking no one cares for you. 

Please consider the following before you decide to disappear and start planning for it.

Your life matters most.

Many of us believe we are not necessary. Sometimes, we feel that way in the workplace when we are not appreciated. Someone feels useless when they don’t get a job or fail in crucial exams. 

I know people who have failed in their exams but succeeded in their lives. Some are unappreciated but are contained and happy about their lives. 

Your life matters most, independent of your situation. We will discuss why in the topics below. You can read here to learn about the beautiful testimonies of people in a similar situation. But God changed their lives. He can change your life, too. He can give you a new life right where you are.

At the end of this message, we will pray with you. As you continue to read, my God will speak to you and fill your heart with peace.

Is your parents still around?

It is a known fact that parents love their kids more deeply than the kids love their parents. Their love is unselfish and sacrificial. 

While parents may disagree with their children, that does not mean they don’t love them. You matter most to your parents. 

Your disappearance will devastate them hard and shake their foundation of life. It will take away all the purpose of their life. 

Are you married? Do you have dependent kids?

If you are already married, your sudden disappearance will significantly hurt your family. It is a common misconception that no one cares about us. 

The shock of disappearance will intensely vibrate through their future. If you have kids, the impact of disappearance will be passed on to the next generation. 

Your family needs you. Your children need you. 

Are you searching for a new identity?

Are you trying to erase your past and gain a new identity? Jesus wants to give you a new life and new identity. He wants to reset your life. 

The Bible says, 

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 1 Corinthians 5:17 ESV

Jesus wants to take away all your past and give you a new life. Are you ready to receive this identity for yourself? Let’s go to Jesus’s presence and pray to Him. 

You do not have to disappear. Jesus can accept you as you are and clothe you with His glorious righteousness. 

Please place your hand on your heart and call upon the name of Jesus. Pray the below prayer from the bottom of your heart. Pray the below prayer in your own words.

Dear Jesus, I (insert your name) come to you with a humble heart. You are my God and my savior. Please come into my life. Give me a new heart. 

Take away all the pain and hurt I have gone through. Remove all the disappointments I have gone through. Fill my heart with your heavenly peace and joy. Please give me a new life. Could you give me a new identity in you? 

You know the challenges I am going through. Please help me to come out of it. Please forgive all my past mistakes. Wash me with your precious blood. 

Bless me and make me a blessing for many. You are going to answer this prayer. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. 

Dear friend, Thank you so much for your time today. Jesus loves you and cares for you. You do not have to disappear since you have found Jesus in your life. He will mold your life and lead you. 

Please continue to hold on to Him. He is your loving heavenly father. May Jesus bless you and make you a blessing for many. Keep in touch. 

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You can read the great testimonies of what Jesus has done for the others who went through similar situation as yours. God can surely do the same for you too. Read the testimonies here to know more about what Jesus can do for you.

Humble your heart before the Lord. Connect with Jesus today. God is waiting for you. Please do not let this time slip away without making a decision to follow Christ.

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