Righteous Man Who took Continuous Wrong Turns

Lot was a righteous man. Apostle Peter calls him a righteous man. But Lot's life was deviated by the choices he made which took him away from original God's plan. He trusted his eyes and human logic more than God's plan. Step by step satan enticed Lot to make wrong decisions in his life. At one point in time Lot was distanced away from God's original plan and could not turn back. His offspring were cursed and became an abomination to God. It is a great lesson for us to understand how we can avoid the wrong choices in our lives and continue to stay under the wings of God. 

First Wrong Turn

God spoke to Abraham ( Lot's uncle ) and asked him to move to Canaan. Abraham took Lot along with him as he journeyed from Haran to Canaan. Lot's father died when he was young. Hence Lot grew up under the care of his uncle, Abraham. God blessed Abraham with many promises. Lot knew about Abraham's call and the promises God gave him. Because Lot was under the care of Abraham and Abraham took care of him like a son, he too inherited the share of Abraham's blessing. 

Over time, Lot's selfish plans overcame his love for his Uncle Abraham. As both Abraham and Lot became reach, Lot wanted to secure the best share for himself. His Uncle cared for him like a Father but Lot's had bigger aspirations. Abraham gave the option to Lot to choose anything he wanted so that they can separate from each other without any argument. Between the well-watered land near Egypt and dry Canaan, Lot could have given the well-watered land near Egypt to Abraham. But Lot wanted the best for himself. He chose to move towards Egypt. 

Lot did not realize he was blessed and protected not because of his talent but because of promises God gave to Abraham. He inherited the promises of Abraham because he was under the protection of Abraham. Without realizing it Lot boldly moved out of the care of Abraham. 

We too make similar mistakes in our life when we do not realize all our blessings comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. When we think we have achieved something in our lives and chose to move away from God trusting our own talents. By doing that we will not only lose our blessing but also the protection God has given us.

The consequence of Lot's wrong move

Lot's aspiration came to an abrupt end when the armies of Babylonians came and took all his possessions and took himself and His family as a slave. But his Uncle Abraham took 318 of his men and chased the Babylonian army all the way to Damascus and got everything back. 

Even after saved by Abraham, Lot still did not realize, he was protected by God because of Abraham's promise. We too at times take our Lord Jesus Christ's love lightly like Lot. Even though Jesus came to earth and died for us on the cross to redeem us, we do not love Him back. We do not give the gratitude Jesus deserves to get in our life. Often we run to Him only in times of trouble.

Lot's relationship with Abraham

The families of Lot and Abraham did not have a regular relationship. When Lot and His family were running away from Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot's daughters were not aware of Grandpa Abraham. They did not know how much Abraham cared for their family. Abraham interceded for Lot and His family when the angels came to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. The two daughters of Lot thought there was no mankind around the world to take care of them. Lot himself did not choose to return to Abraham after Sodom and Gomorrah got destroyed. He was more comfortable settling down in the mountain. Lot's wife was so much attached to Sodom and Gomorrah, she could not take her eyes away from it. She ended up and became a salt statue. His Family received hatred of God for the unnatural relationship they got themselves involved in.

Lot's family completely got disconnected themselves from Abraham. Without the relationship and connection with Abraham, they could not inherit the promises and blessings God has given to Abraham. Even in our life unless if we are not connected with Jesus, our life purpose will derail. Our guidance and counseling in our life should be constantly received from Christ every day.

Why Lot's family wandered away?

Lot though a righteous man wandered away from God's plan by making many wrong choices in his life. He trusted on His own logic rather than putting trust in God's plan. He slipped out of God's protection and forgot the true love of his uncle Abraham. It can happen in our life too if we put too much trust and focus on our self-confidence and knowledge instead of trusting God for our tomorrow.

Let's pray to Jesus and ask Him to be our master.

Dear Jesus, All my blessing comes from you. I do not want to receive any blessing that does not come from you. Help me to make the right choices in my life. Let me fix all my broken relationships. Like Lot, let me not put my trust in my logic and understanding but put all my trust in you. Let me do what you want to do in my life. In Jesus's name, I pray. Amen. 

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