Why Jesus was crucified?

Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, He was crushed for our wrongdoing - Bible

Did Christ really die on the cross? How can such a weak God who lost his life on Cross solve my life problems? God has to die to save us? What is the reason behind Christ’s crucifixion on the cross? Many ask these questions.

Before you continue, I humbly request you go through the article  = Why Jesus Came to Earth, for a deeper understanding of why Christ came to this world. 

We will focus on why Christ died on the cross in this article. 

Our legal laws of earth and the spiritual laws of our soul judges us differently. Our local police and court declare anyone guilty, if we plan and do wrong against another person. But spiritual laws declare us guilty even if we plan something wrong against others even though we don’t execute the plan. We are judged by our thoughts and actions in our spiritual laws, while the earthly law's measures as only by our actions. 

While the earthly laws are written and changed by men, God embeds spiritual laws for our souls in our brain and it is popularly known to us human conscious. We can never change or edit it, but we can suppress it. We are born with our conscious and die with it. Even a small child knows when to hide after doing something mischievous. We need not do a two-day training to understand lying is wrong. Everyone knows having a relationship outside marriage is wrong. How do we know it is wrong? Because God created us in his own image. They are embedded in our brain as part our image God has given. When we try to corrupt our soul, we get a warning message from our conscious. If we constantly ignore the warnings, our conscious becomes numb, supressed and stop giving warning. But, If we continue to do mistakes, our consciousness wake up again and says we are guilty and will die. I have received letters from many who have suicidal thoughts after messing up in life continuously and for long time. No one can escape the moral code embedded in our brain and no one can ran away from it.

While our earthly laws judges and punishes us based on the category of crime, our soul gets punished by spiritual laws. Unfortunately, there is only one punishment in spiritual law that is spiritual death of the soul. It does not matter what we have done. It does not matter whether it is big or small. All spiritual failure leads to spiritual death of our soul.

Why should we care about our soul? Why should we care about spiritual death? Here is the truth. Our body perishes when we die. But our souls lives forever. Any soul that comes in to the world destined to live forever. There are only two paths for our soul after our physical body dies. If it has spiritual life, it goes to heaven and lives there forever. But if it attains spiritual death, it goes to hell and suffers there for ever away from the glorious presence of God. The soul once born never dies it continue to live after the physical death either in heaven or hell. All religions believe this. All of the religions believes in soul and in spiritual life and death, which results in the attainment of heaven or hell. This is not something we do not know.

How is it possible to solve the problem of spiritual death and hell? If I am born with evil thoughts and continue to do evil, I will always end up in hell. How can I save my soul? Where can i run away from my mistakes and evil thoughts?

God took the problem on himself when we could not figure out the solution. The solution God offered cost him a lot, but he gave it free for those who believe in him. In order to save us from spiritual death, God has to do the following: 


God has to forgive our past and wash us clean from our past evil life. But forgiveness does not come free. The system of heaven and hell does not allow anyone to be forgiven unless that price is paid. A person who committed the crime should take the punishment. But if someone can prove in court that he is the one who has committed the mistake and not the one charged as guilty then the law will punish the one who accepted the mistake. God did exactly the same. He sent his son Jesus as a man. Jesus took responsibility for all our mistake. Hence, he was condemned to and punished. He was charged as guilty and sentenced to death. Think through it. Won’t we will feel the shame if we are declared guilty for mistakes we have not committed? Jesus the son of God took the shame for the mistake he did not commit. He wanted to redeem us, loves us so much and hence wanted to give us life that is everlasting. He offered himself a sacrifice. 

They crucified him instead of you and me. He went through what we had to go through. Through his death, Jesus took all the mistakes so that we could go free. What a great God he is? We can receive forgiveness from Jesus by confessing our sins to him. All the precious things in the world are free. God gave forgiveness, the most precious gift as free of cost for you and me and our children and those to come, whom we will not see in this life.

Born Again

Jesus not only forgive our past mistakes through his death on the cross, but he is also willing to adopt us as his own children. Why do we need adoption? We inherit the evil thoughts from our birth. No one needs to teach us how to do wrong things. Once we become children of Jesus, like a father corrects his children Jesus convicts, corrects and guides us to guard us against all evil thoughts. Not only that. As a child of most high God, no one in the spiritual world can accuse us and punish. We can always run under the wings of God’s shelter and live a peaceful life. Does it cost anything? Yes. It cost you and me lifetime commitment to God and his commandments. Jesus will help us to live this life by continuously guiding us.

Eternal Life

When you are forgiven, adopted as a child of God and follow Jesus diligently, we can no longer be judged and put to spiritual death. With God himself as a father who can raise against you and who can condemn you? God will lead you to a spiritual life which is everlasting in the glorious heaven. After his death, Jesus rose again on the third day. The grave and the cross could not contain him. He is praying for you standing before God so that you can have a victorious life no earth. You can overcome struggles in life by His prayers.

Dear Friend, it does not matter what you have done in the past. God can forgive you and give you a new life, if only you can commit your life to Jesus. If you want to know more and need guidance how to follow Jesus, please go through the link => Are you looking for Jesus?

I wish and I pray that God will speak to you today. Dear Friend, will you allow God to speak to you and love you unconditionally. Please give a chance in your life for the God who created you and took all the shame to save you. He did it for you. Wherever you are please do down to your knees and confess your sins. God is willing to touch you right and change your life. He can restore your past. If you have any prayer request please write to us by using contact us link or write to us directly at admin@beleivehim.org. Looking forward to your email. May God bless you and make you a blessing for many. Amen.

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