Are You Depressed? You Can Come out of it.

My Dear Friend,

Are you feeling sad always? Are you feeling left alone, rejected and not respected by others? You are not alone. More than 100 million people in the world go through what you are going through in life. Many go through this situation at least once in their life. But if the stress in the life persists for a long time or increases to the level the body can not bear then it starts affecting the health of the person and termed as depression.

All of us go through a high-stress situation in our life. It could be because of financial debt or any of the life-changing experiences like loss of job, divorce, issues in the relationship, sickness or even loss of life of a person with whom we are closely associated with. Many go through a period of stress during these situations. But most of them are able to come out and continue our life beyond our current situation. If a person is not able to come out of the sadness then continuous sadness dips life into a deep depression. It will start affecting the mental and physical ability to live a quality life.

Well, life has its own ups and downs. Nobody's life is without any problem. Everybody has burdens of life and worry about our future. How to overcome it? Here are few ways to overcome the depression.


1. Be Connected with God:

God created us. People lose their purpose when they move away from the creator. Suddenly the life looks meaningless. In order to find a purpose in life, we need to move back to the creator. He alone can provide meaning and purpose to our life.

Spending time with God by reading His scripture and praying to Him is our lifeline for peace and happiness. We have to draw it every day in our life by spending time with God in prayer. For guidance on how to pray, you can click here.


2. Be connected with people you love:

Independent of the situation we need to be connected with our friends and relatives. Do not shut them off because of the personal situation. At times, it will be difficult to share for Ex: loss of a job with close friends. It might create identity issues. But let that not stop us from connecting with friends. We all are social animals. We need to connect with people and our relationship should stay healthy in order to survive in life.


3. Prepare to Relax:

Try to spend your time in the activities you enjoy most. It could be a football game or a comedy movie or even as simple as sipping a Tea watching a sunrise. If possible learn to enjoy it with the group you love to spend your time. Let the mind relax for some time.


4. Be Busy:

Get back to your usual schedule. Keep yourself busy with your job or what you always love to do. This will keep your thoughts shifted to more enjoyable and productive activities.


5. Forgive your past

Did anybody hurt you in the past either through words or actions? Its time to forgive them. Forgiving others is key to come out of our depression. We go through several hurts in life. Some of you might have gone through deep disappointments. The person who had hurt you might have been your close friend or relative or even a family member. Forgiving your past will give you great freedom over the deep emotions. But forgiving the past is not always easy. We need help from God to forgive at times. Jesus taught us this prayer as a sample prayer, "forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us". It is difficult. But God will help us. 


Dear Friend, You can overcome depression. What you are going through is not abnormal. Everyone goes through it and its part of human emotion. But we should learn to come out of it. God will help you. Surrender your life to Him. He will make it fresh and new. Place your hand on your chest and believe Jesus can heal you. We are going to pray for your depression. Jesus is going to heal you. Let's pray.

Dear God, You know my heart. You know the nagging thoughts that make me feel sad. Please help me to come out of it. I want to live a life of freedom. I don't want to get stuck in depression. Help me to forgive others. I can not do it myself. I need your help. Please fill my life with peace and joy. I want to relax in your presence by filling my heart with your wonderful promises. Help me to come out of the depression. Heal my heart. Please lead me. Be my God and take me through the difficult times. Guide me. Thank you for healing me right now. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Dear Friend, We are praying for you. May God bless you.

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Humble your heart before the Lord. Reconcile with Jesus. God is waiting for you. Please do not let this time slip away without making a decision to follow Christ.

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