How to Avoid Depression?

Do Not Fear, For I Am With You; Do Not Be Dismayed, For I Am Your God.

I Will Strengthen You And Help You; I Will Uphold You With My Righteous Right Hand

                                                                                                                          - The Bible

Is it possible to avoid depression in life? All of us go through some anxious moments in life. Is it possible to avoid those painful moments altogether in life?

Most of the emails we get around depression are originating from avoidable causes. We are listing below the avoidable causes which lead to depression in our life. Staying away from these causes will reduce the sources of depression.

1. Relationship Issues

Some of the young people get into depression due to relationship issues. Living together without commitment is one of the primary reason for this. The degree of commitment is undefined between both partners in living together relationship. Without knowing the underlying lack of commitment if a partner enters the relationship expecting commitment from the other, it leads to a terrible situation. For the one who expects commitment its a broken trust but for the other its a norm of the relationship.

Young people need to keep their heart protected and avoid falling in love with every Tom they find. Before falling for somebody they should think hard and deep to decide if He or She is the right person given by God. The joy of falling in love is so limited and small compared to the deep hurt and shame involved in separation.

2. Debt

Living beyond means for the sake of lifestyle is an ever-increasing disease in our generation. Staying away from it will greatly reduce the stress and trouble. The investments in the business expansion without calculating the associated risk involved is another reason for falling into debt. Always have a safety stock of money to rescue if the investment fails.

We see a constant relationship between debt and depression.

3. Searching for Identity

God created every one of us equally with multiple gifts. He loves us equally. He cares for us. But some of us think lowly of our self. Some may be due to the physical structure. It may be because they are earning less money or struggling to find a job or differently abled. Most of the case it is the individual view of seeing themselves. We need to remember God holds our identity and it is safe with Him. No need to search for our identity from friends and relatives. Our society does not define our identity. We were created in the image of God and He holds our identity.

4. Unforgiving Life

We all know how difficult it is to forgive our past. I understand it is difficult to forgive others. But most of the cases the individuals are not able to forgive themselves. At times that we have gone so wrong that we ourself could not forgive our own past. But remember God is willing to forgive and forget the past. All it takes is a few minutes of sincere prayer and reconciliation with God. Jesus forgave the thief hanging next to him. There was nothing good in the thief. He was about to die. He did wrong all his life. But Jesus was quick to forgive.

So many of us do not understand the heart of our Lord. He is not a condemning God. He knows about us more than we know about our self. Give a chance in your life for God. He will transform your life and change it. Learn to forgive yourself and get forgiveness from God.

If God can forgive us then we should be able to forgive others too. Unforgiving past and holding on to vengeance and hatred will destroy our body and soul slowly. We need to let it go. Meet a counselor or pastor if you can not do it alone. What needs to be done has to be done immediately and quickly before it becomes too late.

5. Life without God

A Godless life is one of the primary root causes of depression. Wrong decisions, choices, lack of standards, and ethics all originate from a Godless life. The lack of fear of God leads to unwise life. The consequences of unwise life are not so sweet but full of bitterness. God is calling everyone to return to him and reconcile with him independent of the past life. Let's be willing to take that option gladly and reconcile with God.

Place your hand on your chest and believe Jesus can heal you. We are going to pray for your depression. Jesus is going to heal you. Let's pray.

Dear God, help me to hold on to you during my life journey. Guide me so that I don't fall into the traps of debt, relationship issues, and identity crisis. Forgive my past. Help me to make the right decisions in my life. I do not about my future. But know the beginning and the end. You know my future. You know the reason for which you have created me. Please guide me and teach me the choices I have to make. Let me always consult you before making any decisions. Fill my heart with peace. Let my eyes always seek you and follow your words. Let me love you with all my heart. In Jesus's mighty name, I pray. Amen.

Is there a way to overcome depression? Yes. You can overcome. Read how to overcome => Here

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