The Power of Reconciliation

My Dear Friend

Do you think you have committed a mistake in life that God will not forgive? Are you afraid to ask for forgiveness since your mistake is so big and you think God will not forgive?

I have wondered many times about the life of Judas. Most of us would know about Judas independent of our background. Those who don’t know, he is the one who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver coins two thousand years ago. Anyone who betrays another is codenamed as Judas, even today after many years. Judas left a legacy for all bad reasons. Most of us will avoid the name Judas for our children. Did he do such a huge mistake the world can’t forgive for two thousand years? 

There was another man who denied Jesus after promising he would even die for him. His name is Saint Peter. Sainthood for a man who denied Jesus? Yes, and many parents are proud to name thier children "Peter". 

Why the world sees Peter and Judas differently. Both were disciples of Jesus Christ. They spent almost three years with Jesus. They saw the mute speak, deaf hear, and crippled walk. They were with Jesus when he raised Lazarus, Daughter of Jairus and Nain’s widow's son. They saw Jesus rebuking the wind and wave. They were amazed at Jesus' power over nature. 

But both turned against Jesus at an unexpected moment. One Denied and another betrayed. Both felt sorry after committing the mistake. It happened on the same night. That night they both cried and wept for what they had done to their master. It's a moment of shame for any disciple. 

Unfortunately, Judas committed suicide. He ended his life. But Peter wept with a broken heart and asked for forgiveness and reconciled with God. The choices and decisions they made on that fateful night two thousand years ago made one as a betrayer and another as a saint. One became a household name for betrayal and another became a saint.

My Dear Friend, How about your life? Are you one of them who is depressed because of your past mistakes? You think God can not forgive you. Dear Brothers and Sisters, do not look at how the world looks at you. Your creator is willing to forgive all your past independent of how bad and how big it is. I plead with you to go back and reconcile with him. Bible Says, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. God is waiting for you. Will you invite him to your life right now?

Dear Friend, Come as you are to God’s presence. He would tell you how much He loves you unconditionally and does not care about your past life. The author of forgiveness is waiting for you to reconcile with you. 

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Dear friend, if you are going through this message right now, do not harden your heart. Today is your day. Humble your heart before the Lord. Ask for forgiveness for your past life. God is waiting to forgive you. Please do not let this time slip away without you making a decision to follow Christ.

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