Are You Checking Your Thoughts?

Dear friend,
During these hard COVID-19 times, many thoughts go through our minds every day. Thoughts induces fear about our future and about our safety. Our thoughts have the power to change our mind from a happy to a sad and peaceful to irritating in a matter of seconds. With no reason, a happy mind in the morning can become stressed in the afternoon, if we do not control our thoughts properly.
Guard Your Thoughts
We constantly seed our minds with information. The information we seed shapes our unconscious brain, which becomes the source of our thoughts, and the thoughts trigger actions in our bodies. Thoughts in our lives are shaped by what we see, read, learn, and what we went through in our past life. The deep childhood hurts and pain in our past life can get reflected in our thoughts if it is not dealt with adequately.
Dear friend, it’s important to guard our hearts and keep our life healthy. The bible says the thoughts on fear, irritations, vengeance, immoral and evil desires are not from God. They come from the devil. We ought to identify the inputs of the devil and quickly destroy them before they grow in our minds. The devil keeps seeding our minds with negative thoughts, disappointments, reminds our past mistakes, which our God has already forgiven, and even at worst-case, he induces suicidal thoughts. Be on your guard. Know your enemy. God never accuses you, but the devil does.
Know Your Enemy
Dear friend, to be victorious over your thoughts you need to know your enemy. Many of us are holding a huge grudge against our friends, relatives, even parents for the mistakes they have done against us. But it is not your friends who did the mistakes. They yielded to the evil thoughts and committed mistakes against you. Our enemy is not our friends and loved ones. The Bible says For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. In other words, we do not fight against any human. We are constantly fighting against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
Please get to know your enemy. Do not vent your anger and frustration against your loved one. Jesus can help you overcome all the evil forces that comes near you. He has already conquered the evil powers through his death on the cross. When God is with you, who can be against you? Victory is always yours.
Victory Over Thoughts
How to have victory over our thoughts? Here is an analogy. A man had two pet dogs. He loved them both. One dog was good. The good dog barked only when its master was in danger. The other dog was bad. It often barked when there was no danger. The master was annoyed with the bad dog. The master in this analogy is us. The good and bad dogs are the thoughts that come from God and the devil, respectively.
How can we differentiate the two thoughts? The rule is simple. You feed the dog whose voice you want to hear loudly and leave the other one hungry and tired. You will hear the voice of the dog which has the strength to bark. This is only an analogy. I love dogs. They are beautiful animals. I am not suggesting to harm any dog.
Getting back to our analogy, if you want to hear God’s voice feed yourself with God’s word. Spend your time praying with Him. Jesus will speak to you. You can hear his voice clearly. You might find it difficult to practice in the beginning. Through God all things are possible. God will help you. Please humble yourself and pray to God today and ask Him to help you. Resist all the negative thoughts, evil desires, vengeance, irritations from your life. They do not come from God.
Jesus wants to change your life. He wants to free you from all the cyclic negative thoughts that lead to depression and anxieties. He will help you identify the enemy who has tied you to the bondage and addictions. Jesus wants to break all the bondages. Will you pray along with us today? We are praying with every one of you, who is reading this article. Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to free you from all your past. No evil or danger can come near you when you are under the protection of most high God. Do not worry. Let’s pray.
Dear Jesus, Thank you for showing me the enemy who is feeding me with negative thoughts and binding me to addiction. Please help me come out of all the grudges I hold with others. Jesus, please heal my heart. Take away all the irritation and evil desires from my heart. Fill my life with peace. Guard my thoughts. Free me from all the evil desires. Jesus, I humble myself before you. Forgive my past mistakes. Please make me your own child. I want to follow you with all my heart. Guide me and lead me. I pray in Jesus’s name, Amen.

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