Why Jesus Came to Earth?

Jesus Himself bore and took away the sin of many, And interceded [with the Father] for the transgressors. - Bible

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This might sound like a story. But it provides logic on how evil came into the world. Answers crucial questions, why is evil in the world, when there is a just God? Did God Commit a mistake? Did his logic fail? What is the role of Jesus in the logic of God? 

In the beginning, God created man and wife and called them Adam and Eve. God gave them the option to choose between spiritual life and death, but warned them not to choose death. By doing this, God made sure he did not create an automated machine or a slave but an intellectual free man free to choose options and decide. The creator God loved his creation so much he gave them complete freedom to the extent of disobeying him, because God created them in his own image. Adam and Eve choose spiritual death instead of life. By choosing death, they got the knowledge of evil. This gave them a further option to commit evil as free men. When God saw the consequence of choice made by Adam and Eve, he prohibited them from making further choices on the decision already made. In other words, since Adam and Eve already choose spiritual death, God prohibited them from choosing spiritual life by sending them away from the Garden of Eden. Isn’t it fair? Can we vote twice in the same election? We can’t. 

The only option available then for Adam, Eve, and their children that eventually includes us was spiritual death. They now have knowledge of evil, free will to make choices and away from the presence of God. The environment and conditions were ideal for further destruction and immolation of the image of God that was left in man. The holy God took charge to fix the issue. He came up with the redemption plan to reconcile man to his presence. Before we discuss the solution God took, it’s important to understand His nature. Here are a few which played a crucial role in His redemption plan.

  • God never changes. He is immutable and hence God can not act against his covenant and promises.
  • He is a just God. His heavenly court is open for anybody looking for justice that includes Satan. His ears are always open for those seeking justice. 
  • God loves his creation. He created them out of his immense love, beautifully, wonderfully and in his own image.  
  • God is ever forgiving. Interestingly, only God can forgive any mistakes committed by us. He by nature never stopped forgiving us, but kept forgiving not once, not twice but to the power of infinity. 
  • Full of Grace. Though He is powerful, intellectual and omnipotent, He is always listening, providing, caring and loving us. He is full of humbleness, patient, makes undeserving deserving and slow to anger.

Redemption Plan 

God’s redemption plan can not go against his nature mentioned above. For example, God can not convert a free man to slave and force him not to follow evil. This goes against his nature, since the man with an image of God is not of slavery but made of freedom. Hence, God had to redeem us in line with his nature. The path to redemption cost God everything and man nothing. He paid the full price and gave it to man free. He is not the one choose wrong choice of spiritual death but took complete responsibility for it.

Since all men have inherited evil, God had to send a blemishless seed to the earth to create a new generation. The seed has to be from his very own self and part of Him, since he is the only blemishless. Thus God so loved the world he chooses to send his only son to earth to redeem us. They named him Jesus. When the blemishless seed (Jesus) produced children then the children are free from the curse of evil, since the children of Jesus do not inherit the evil of Adam and Eve. The children of Jesus do not create genealogy but only create a multiple instance of a father and son relationship. Because all the children born of men will still inherit evil until they are born of Jesus and become his direct children. Hence, the relationship with God always remains as father and son relationship. The experience of being born to Jesus after knowing him is known as "Born again".

How did Jesus produce children?

The knowledge of evil which damages the image of God in us is not physical but spiritual. It corrupts our thinking and our heart. To adopt us as spiritual children and to give us eternal life, God choose his redemption plan through Jesus with the following approach, which led to spiritual children in Christ.

  • Jesus will live a life common to all men, will go through suffering, testing, rejection, isolation and pain.
  • Jesus will forgive the evil past of our life and reconcile us with God if we surrender our life to him. Thus, he makes us new. Gives us a new beginning. Jesus will call them as his promised children i.e children born of God's promise to man.
  • He will go through physical death and will attain physical resurrection to break the curse of eternal death. 
  • Jesus will take the eternal life man missed in the garden of Eden and will offer to everyone who believes in him.
  • He will hold the keys of death and life. He controls both. 
  • He will stand between God and man and make everyman who come to him in faith as righteous and belemishless by his Grace and make him acceptable before the holy God. 
  • Jesus will come back again to judge all men on the appointed day. 

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All of us have the freedom to make our own options and decisions. We can be proud or humble, live in debt or be prudent, be wise or a naive. God wanted to give the choice between death and life so we can choose. Jesus came to the world to open the gates of life that is everlasting. No one forces you to follow Jesus. It’s your choice in life. But God is waiting for you outside your heart’s door. Are you able to hear his gentle knock? Will you open the doors and invite him into your heart? If you need guidance to accept Jesus as your personal savior you can follow the link => Are You Looking for Jesus?

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