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God Can Heal Your Body & Soul



  The punishment [required] for our well-being fell on Him [Jesus], And by His wounds, we are healed. – Bible

My Dear Friend

Dear Friend, We all need healing at some point in life depending on what we go through in life. For some, it could be emotional healing. For others, it could be physical healing. The magnitude of the emotional healing one need varies based on the situations. The magnitude of hurt a person goes through varies between small argument to loss of job and to extreme situations such as loss of a loved one.

Please allow God to work in your life. Put the trust in his majesty and ask him to help you right now. Call out the name of Jesus and ask him for help. Jesus has gone through the suffering himself on the cross for you and me. Bible Says by his wounds we are healed. I am not telling what I have not tasted in my life. God has brought me through a terrible brain disease. I know he is a wonderful healer not only to our physical body but to your mind and soul. He can give you peace and comfort for your soul.

Can we put our trust in God, who has created heaven and the earth and sent his son Jesus to cleanse us? God says Do Not Fear, For I Am With You; Do Not Be Dismayed, For I Am Your God. I Will Strengthen You And Help You; I Will Uphold You With My Righteous Right Hand. God will lead you out of your situation by holding your right hand. He is going to calm your heart today. Jesus can change your situation today. There is nothing difficult for Him. 

Let’s pray together. Place your hand on your heart or body parts where you need healing. We are going to pray for your healing. Jesus is going to heal you. Will you pray along with us and believe that you will be healed today?


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Humble your heart before the Lord. Connect with Jesus today. God is waiting for you. Please do not let this time slip away without making a decision to follow Christ.

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