God Can Heal Your Body & Soul

  The punishment [required] for our well-being fell on Him [Jesus], And by His wounds, we are healed. - Bible


My Dear Friend


I am writing this letter to those who are going through pain in their life either physically or emotionally. Are you one of them in pain today and longing for healing from God? Your pain may be in your body or it could be in your mind. You might be going through disease and praying to God for healing or you might be in emotional pain because of problems in the relationship, debt, disappointment, or you have lost something you considered as precious in your life. Independent of what you are going through in life, God can heal your heart, soul, mind, and body.


Dear Friend, Will you allow God to work in your life? Will you allow him to help you? Can you put your trust in his majesty and ask him to help you right now? If yes. could you please open your mouth and ask him for help. Jesus has gone through the suffering himself on the cross for you and me. Bible Says, by his wounds we are healed. I am not telling you what I have not tasted in my life. God has brought me through a terrible brain disease. I know he is a wonderful healer not only to your physical body but to your mind and soul. He can give you peace and comfort your soul.


The world puts trust in many things. We trust our skills, ability confidence, money, and power. Can we put our trust in God, who has created heaven and the earth and sent his son Jesus to cleanse and heal our body and soul?


Our heart goes to everyone who struggles in depression and not able to come out of it. There are many who get stuck in debt and thinking suicide is the only way out. Many are silently crying due to incurable diseases. Many of you have written to us. We are praying for you. May God heal your problems today. May he bless your life and make you a blessing for many.


Let me close with a prayer. Will you pray along with us and believe that you will be healed today?


Dear God, we pray together with that your healing hand touche the parts of the body that needs healing. Let it touch the soul that is troubled and need peace. Let you compassionate hand wipe every tear and comfort the heart. Let your mighty hands that shaped and formed us in our mother’s womb touch us once again. Let it bring nourishment to the area of body and soul that needs a cure. You are a great healer and a God of compassion. By your wound, we are healed. Heal our friends who are reading this article right now Lord. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.


Dear Friend, May God bless you. We are continuing to pray for you. Let us know your witness if you are healed so we can rejoice along with you. You can contact us by clicking this link = Contact Us or write to us directly at admin@BelieveHim.org.

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