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Believe, Pray and Be Healed



Dear Friend,

Do you have a need that requires urgent care? Are you looking for an immediate answer? Are you losing hope?

Let me share the real story of a man who was desperate to get healed. This is not a story, but something people experience every day all around the world when they believe in Jesus. I am not telling you what I have not experienced personally in my life. We get many emails from people who were healed by God.

God can touch your life today if only you can believe, pray and receive like the blind man.

Story of a blind man

A blind man was sitting on the roadside. He was sitting in the same spot for many years. He thought his life is hopeless and worthless. One day he heard strange stories about a man who was going around and healing many sicknesses. The blind man was hoping that he will get a chance to meet this healer. But there was no one to take him to the healer and he doesn’t know where is the healer.

Every day he had to depend on someone to take him to his roadside spot. He will sit there and beg for money until the end of the day. Then he will look for someone to take him back to his tiny shelter. This kept continuing. Often somebody continued to feed him about the healer who healed a mute, blind, sick and many others. The blind man kept dreaming and thinking all day, what if he could get one chance to meet this healer. At least once !! Just enough to get his healing.

It was a usual morning. The blind man took his usual spot by the roadside. He heard footsteps of many walking by the way. It was not a festival day. They were not usual people. There were many footsteps. The blind man became curious. He asked a passer-by, what’s going on? The response of the passer-by made him thrilled. The healer is walking by. The blind man could not figure out whether healer had passed by or stilling approaching. He heard so much about the healer and his miracles. The healer was there but he could not see. Someone told him the healer’s name is Jesus.

The blind man started shouting with all his strength, “Jesus, mercy on me”. He was not sure whether Jesus heard him. Hence, he started shouting aloud and aloud. People made fun of him and asked him to shut up. But he was not going to be quiet. This is his last chance to get healed. The chance he waited for many months was very much there. He increased his voice shouted louder and louder without knowing where Jesus is. This man’s voice stopped Jesus and he called the blind man. Somebody took the blind man and led him to Jesus. The blind man jumped to his feet. What he dreamt started unfolding. After so much waiting. He was sure he is going to be healed. He heard a voice asking, “What you want me to do to you”. He was not sure who it is. The blind man had only one need. He wants to see and he said so. He heard a voice from Jesus, “Your faith had healed you”. He could see for the first time and he saw Jesus.
Dear Friend, Do you believe that your situation can change? Do you believe Jesus can heal your emotional and physical pain? The situation that is before you may seems like an impossible situation. But for Jesus all things are possible. Like the blind man hold on to Jesus right now with both hands and call unto him. Trust and Believe Him. Place your hand on your heart or body parts where you need healing. We are going to pray for your healing. Jesus is going to heal you. Will you pray along with us and believe that you will be healed today?

Dear Friend, Continue to pray to God. Keep seeking Him. He will surely listen to your prayers and answer them. Do not give up. Do you want us to pray along with you? You can contact us by clicking contact us button.

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You can read the great testimonies of what Jesus has done for the others who went through similar situation as yours. God can surely do the same for you too. Read the testimonies here to know more about what Jesus can do for you.

Humble your heart before the Lord. Connect with Jesus today. God is waiting for you. Please do not let this time slip away without making a decision to follow Christ.

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