Can God heal?

Can God heal sickness that can be neither treated or cured by modern medicines? Is this your question today? Do you really want God's intervention in your life?

God wants you to be well. He loves and cares for you. He doesn't want you to suffer and he wants to heal you. But do you believe that God can heal you?

If you do trust God then please let go your past. Let go of any hatred against anyone independent of whether they have committed anything wrong against you or not. If you have done wrong against anybody try to reconcile. Above all ask for forgiveness of God. He is quick to forgive and forget even your darkest past. Even your family members may condemn and convict you but the God who created you is quick to forgive. He loves you as you are.

I can provide a simple prayer down below, what I normally do.
"Dear Lord heavenly father, I ask for your forgiveness. I have done many things wrong. I have hated others at times. I have behaved wrongly through my words and actions. Please forgive me, Lord. Make me as your child. Help me to overcome my temptations. Lead me in the right path. I commit and surrender my life to you. In Jesus name, Amen".

Now you have access to the presence of God to plead your case. Talk to God and tell him the condition you go through, the pain you suffer and how your personal life gets affected because of your sickness. Not that God does not know what you are talking about. But it is to share your position and pain before God. He will surely listen to you and answer your prayer.

I have seen God answer prayers in many ways in my life. His ways are different than our ways. God will surely hear your prayers and give you a response. He can heal you instantaneously or he can take you through your situation.

In my life, he did not heal me but he is taking me through my sickness and guiding me every day. I find the way he leads me far more interesting. Maybe he wants to teach me something. He makes sure he address my immediate concerns when I go through strong side effects of my medication. He is a good God. I have tasted him in my life and found him good.

Would you like to try him in your life? We are praying for you.

If you have a prayer request, please contact us or you can email us directly at We are here to pray for you. May God Bless you and make you a blessing for many. 

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