You Can Overcome

Are you at your low point in life? Are you thinking there is no way out? Does it all look like an end of a journey?

Enough of running your life with your own strength and energy. God wants to meet you today at your low point, whether it's your sickness, debt, shame, relationship issues or anything else. You may think this is the end. God wants to begin from the point where you thought is your end. If you have given up all the options in life God is waiting for you. He is not supposed to be the last option in life.

Why should God help me? Because he brought me into this world. God knew me while i was in my mother's womb. He came to earth as a man just for me. To redeem my life from problems. To forgive my past and lead me to eternal life.

Dear Friends, Is there anything too hard for the Lord to accomplish? Why are you depressed? God can change your situation. He also has the power to take you through your situation.

God Says :
Though the mountains be shaken
and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
nor my covenant of peace be removed,”
says the Lord, who has compassion on you.

Independent of whatever you have done in the past, God wants to forgive everything. He wants to restore everything you have lost in your life. Are you ready to take a walk with him and accept him as your savior?

Let's do a small prayer :
Dear Lord Heavenly Father, I have many unsolved mysteries in my life. You know what I am going through in my life. Lord, forgive my past and take care of my future. Many times I have run away from you. But today, I would like to surrender my life to you. Forgive me, Lord. Take care of me. Be God of my life. Change me.

Lord, You know what i am going through in my life. Nothing is hidden from your eyes. Come down heal my sickness, my depression, debt and relationship issues. Look at my life's mess. Please help me to clean up. I made unwise choices in the past. I know they were wrong. Restore the things I have lost. Help me to live a good life before you. To follow and serve you. Give me a clean heart. Bless me and my family.

We commit this prayer in the precious name of Jesus. Amen

Dear friends, if you made the above prayer and decided to accept Jesus in your life, please let us know. So that we can rejoice and praise along with you. You can write to us at or use the Contact us form.

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