Journey to Eternal Life

Fear about future risks drives our thoughts towards safety precautions. We want to protect our family from future risks. There are many insurances offered today to mitigate the fear. We have medical insurance, life insurance, car insurance, house insurance, and many more. The insurance gives us peace of mind in this ever-changing world. 

Dear friend, Jesus wants to give you insurance that will protect your life forever from all the risks. The insurance is for your soul. Why insurance for my soul? A soul once born never dies. Death is only for the physical body not for our soul. If you are looking for real proof, please read the records of the people who have gone through near-death experience (NDE). Extensive research has been done on this subject. There are articles written by scholars. There is a common consensus on the evidence of the soul leaving the body across those who went through NDE. An important question is while we have spent so much time ensuring safety in every aspect of our life, have we insured our soul which is going to live forever into eternity? 

Road to Eternity

Eternity has two parts. There is eternal life and there is eternal death. There are separate spiritual roads to eternal life and eternal death. God wants to give us eternal life. If we want to understand eternal life then we also need to understand the path to eternal death. It will make our understanding much easier and clearer. 

Journey to Eternal Death

Satan attracts every one of God's special creation to be pushed into eternal death. He has made ways to eternal death as wide as possible. Jesus described the way to eternal death as "wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it". Each day satan introduces the new roads to destruction. The road to internet addiction was not there a few years back. Addiction to social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp was added by satan very recently. You will notice satan adding more roads to eternal destruction in the coming days. Bible describes the eternal death as a place of darkness, unquenchable fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Dear friend, we all make many mistakes in our thoughts, words, and actions all through our life. We know it and our human conscious confirms our mistakes again and again. The Bible says Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devourSatan constantly in the business of devouring us to make mistakes which leads to eternal death. He is very happy for those who are already on the road to eternal death. Know your enemy in your life and stay away from the path to eternal death.

How Jesus established the road to eternal life?

Jesus said I am the way life and the truth. He established a path between sinful man and eternal life. 

It is not easy to establish a path between a sinful world and holy heaven. The Holy God made it possible not because he liked sin but because he loved the sinners. God can not atone for human sins. Only a human can atone for another human. Hence God sent His only son Jesus Christ to the sinful world and allowed Him to die as an atonement for the sins of the world. Jesus born as a baby lived his life as a sinless man, died on the cross, resurrected back to life, and ascended to heaven. Through His life, death, and resurrection Jesus established a spiritual path to eternal life and gave a call for everyone to follow Him as He is willing to lead everyone personally through the path. The only criteria to enter the road to eternity is to believe in Jesus. 

Why do we have to believe in Jesus for eternal life? 

Dear friend, the person who designed the road knows the dangers and the sharp corners of the road. He can provide guidance when to slow down the vehicle and when to go at normal speed. Similarly, the road to eternal life was designed by Jesus Christ. Unlike the path to eternal death, the path to eternal life was narrow. Only Jesus Can teach us how to walk when to be cautious and when to run. Without guidance and the help of Jesus, it is impossible to walk through the road to eternal life. Hence it is important to trust and believe in Jesus before beginning our walk. Our talents and abilities will not be sufficient to take up this spiritual journey across the sinful world to eternal life. We need to continuously put our trust in God's abilities and strengths as we take up this spiritual journey every day.

The journey towards eternal life is a spiritual path where we are expected to walk in the way Jesus wants us to walk than what we want to do. 

Dear friend, are you ready to take up this spiritual walk towards eternal life? Jesus is willing to walk before you right now. All you have to do is follow Him. He will help you in your ups and downs of life and cover you with His wings of protection. Let's pray.

Dear Jesus, I know you are the only way to eternal life. I need your help in my walk from the sinful world towards eternal life. Please teach me and help me to make the right decisions in life. I am so weak and fall down very often to the temptations of satan. Lord protect me with your armor and cover me with your wings. Show me the ways to escape from the temptations of satan. Forgive my past mistakes and help me to overcome them completely in my life. I commit my life to you. Be my God and master. Let me follow you with all my heart. In Jesus's name, Amen.

We are praying for you. May God bless you and help you in your walk towards eternal life. Stay on your track and watch out for those devouring lions which can only roar. Keep your eyes on Jesus and follow Him.

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Humble your heart before the Lord. Reconcile with Jesus. God is waiting for you. Please do not let this time slip away without making a decision to follow Christ.

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