How do we know that God exists?

There are questions today even among those who follow a monotheistic or polytheistic religion on the existence of God. Most of us follow God just because our parents followed the same God. The feeling of God gets more real to us when the problem comes in life. The loss of job or tragedies in close family circle puts pressure on our mind to search for an answer beyond the normal boundary. The quest for God increases as the consolation of relatives and friends can not solve the actual issue at hand.
If there are no problems in life the modern mind hardly seeks God. Even If we do there is always a one-way purpose for looking at God. We seek God to get the assurance of blessing. God is always looked like a banker who can keep giving what we want. We try to pacify God by providing what he wants so that we can get more.

Independent of whether there is a problem in life or not, it is essential to have clarity about God, our relationship with him and his role in our life. All these needs a fundamental belief that God exists. If there is no God, then there is no need to have clarity about him and if there is God then there needs to be absolute clarity on His nature. The complaint from many of us is lack of evidence for God. He is invisible, and we cannot understand or feel him.

Bible says since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.

The above statement from Bible clarifies the following:

1. The world was created not evolved.
2. God’s qualities are invisible
3. But can be seen and understood through what God has created

This is the response from God to our complaint that he is invisible and cannot be felt. God can be felt in the everyday life of every one of us. Now does this make every one of his creations such as trees, animals, and mountains as God? The answer is no. Bible says the creation reflects His power and divine nature. The creation is not the source of power, but God is. The creation is not divine, but God is. The creation only reflects and shows there is God.

Have you ever gazed on the beauty of nature and wondered who has created it? It could be one of those trips to a hill station or a beautiful sunrise in the seashore. Can men make anything equal to it artificially to remotely copy the beauty of nature?

Are we not rushing to Zoos and Aquariums to get a glimpse of beautiful God’s creatures? The sheer variety of them and their uniqueness shows the intelligence behind their creation.

Who can understand the beautiful design of the earth? A perfect and uniquely created habitat for all living organism. The God who created the earth gave a perfect tilt (23.4 degrees) to introduce seasons. The equilibrium of gases in the atmosphere supports the life on earth. Even a small change in the percentage of oxygen can destroy equilibrium and create the catastrophic effect. The distance between the earth and sun is kept so optimal to make the earth temperature appropriate for the living. The atmosphere of the earth protects it from the harmful rays and destroys every meteorite which enters into the earth.
Finally, the design of humans, only machine which runs on an average seventy years without any lubrication in joints and shut downtime for maintenance. Bible says we are beautifully and wonderfully made. The complex design with 206 bones which make all kinds of movements possible and make our body stand, sit, run and dance is simply an engineering marvel. The human brain, whose cognitive thinking based on real-life wisdom can make even the most powerful supercomputers struggle to match.

Truly nature declares the glory of God. His divine power and the fingerprints of his design are seen all our the universe. It’s up to us to notice and believe God.

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Dear friend, if you are going through this message right now, do not harden your heart. Today is your day. Humble your heart before the Lord. Ask for forgiveness for your past life. God is waiting to forgive you. Please do not let this time slip away without you making a decision to follow Christ.

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