Lost Everything..

Are you worried that you have lost everything in life? Are you in a state in life where you find no meaning to continue? Do you think everything in life is over? Dear Friend, it is not.

There is a God who is searching for you and longing to meet you in times of your need. Your friends and relatives might not need you anymore when you are in need. People who are in a need are super heavy baggage for everyone around them except for the loving God. Bible Says, The God who created you would never leave you nor forsake you. He was there waiting for you all the time. He is still waiting for you right now in times of your need. When we were satisfied in life, there was no need for God. We never thought about him. We did not care for him. He still cared for us. We did not love Him. But God loved us so much he gave us his only son Jesus Christ to die for all our mistakes.

Dear Friend, your life is not over. It’s going to begin just today. The potter knows the reason he is creating a pot. The Artist had the beauty of the image conceived in his mind before even starting his drawing. Our God knew the reason for our life before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. He thought about us and he created us beautifully and wonderfully. How beautiful a story would be if the author of the story comes before us and explains to us in detail? Isn’t God the author and creator of our life.

Dear friend, Is your faltered because of your choices and decisions in life? Are you blaming God right at his moment for everything that happened in life? God still holds the pattern of your life. You lose nothing until you lose the author of your life. It’s not very difficult to find him. God says, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. God is standing and gently knocking the door. Are you willing to open the door and invite him right now? God Says, Do Not Fear, For I Am With You; Do Not Be Dismayed, For I Am Your God. I Will Strengthen You And Help You; I Will Uphold You With My Righteous Right Hand. When God holds your right hand, you don’t have to be afraid. He will help you and restore your past.

Dear Friend, do you want to surrender your life to God? He can help you. He can change your life. He loves you and he has paid in full for all your past mistakes. If you want us to pray, please write to us directly at admin@BelieveHim.org or click Contact Us link. We are here to pray for you. May God not only bless you but also make your life a blessing for many. May you be called, "blessed" by many.

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