The Great Covenant

Dear friends,
If we really have to understand how God forgives our mistakes in life, we need to understand the covenant or agreement he has made with us.

Covenant is a formal agreement or contract between a minimum of two parties. Hence the covenant always involves two or more parties. If one of the parties deviates from the covenant agreement then the party which deviates normally gets punished according to the local laws. During the present days, common terms used for covenant are a deed or legal contract.

God established several covenants in the old testament as an agreement between the man and God. Considering God is immutable (unchanging) and man is ever-changing in his decision God at times came with one party agreement. Meaning whoever fails in the agreement only one party takes the ownership and that one party alone would be punished. To make it more specific, out of God and man, if a man deviates from the agreement he does not gets the punishment only God gets the punishment.

Is that really possible? Who will agree to that kind of contract? God loved us so much he made his son, Jesus accountable for all the mistakes we do on earth. How can a man take ownership of another man's mistake? Our system of law will not allow one person owning another man's mistake. The same is not applicable in the court of heaven. But Jesus said he did all the mistakes. If a person confesses and convinces the court that he did the mistake instead of someone else then the law can punish that person. The actual person who did the mistake can go free. The same way Jesus took all the sins of men on himself and allowed the men to go free.

How can God do such a thing? That too to his very own and one and only son? The only answer the bible gives us is God loved us so much. In the new testament, there was only one covenant that was introduced by Jesus Christ. He called it as a new covenant on His last day on earth. He took the cup he was drinking and said, "this is my blood poured to forgive everyone's sin". This is the new covenant Jesus made with us all. He paid for all our mistakes without punishing us.

There is no forgiveness of sin without sacrifice. There is no cleansing without the shedding of blood from the sacrifice. Jesus took everything on himself and hence he has to pay for everything. He became the sacrifice. The sacrifice has to die and shed his blood. Jesus did the very same thing. He was crucified on the cross for all our mistakes. He shed his blood and died to wash away our mistakes. Bible says Jesus was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.

Who will die for another person? Who will sacrifice his life for someone who messed up his life and chose willingly to do wrong things? Can a man do it? Can a friend do it? Why God did it? He loved us so much He gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ so that we can have eternal life.

Dear Friends, let's do a small Prayer:

Dear Lord, Thank you so much for your great covenant. You paid the price for my mistakes and took away the punishment from me even though I did so many mistakes in my life. You cared for me and loved me. Thank you and thank you for everything you have done to me. Lord to forgive my past. Make me new. Help me to diligently follow you and love you from the bottom of my heart. In Jesus's name Amen.

If you have wholeheartedly done the above prayer, please let us know, so that we can rejoice with you. May God bless you. Please click here to know what do next after accepting Jesus.