What does it mean to Fear God?

I was standing in a high raise building. A storm was approaching. I was watching through the window. The gentle wind slowly started few minuts ago became stronger. The small rumbles started becoming terrifying thunders. There was lightning all around. I started wondering who can control the power of nature? Can someone stop the storm? Can someone quieten the thunders? Can someone dim the brightness of lightning? 

I looked up the sky and thought about what i read earlier that day. It was about the fear of God. He who created the mighty wind and the thunder is truly worthy to be feared and respected. Though we don't see him, though we don't hear his voice directly, we trust he exists and he is in control of everything. He does everything according to his will. No one enters his counsel to advise him. No one questions his authority. None possess more wisdom than Him. Who are we to stand before Him? Who are we to even open our mouth and look up to Him? 

Like we respect our father

Out of his immense grace the mighty God chose to adopt you and me as his own child. He paid the ultimate price, canceled all our mistakes and made the adoption free for every one of us. We were born to our physical father and mother. But God graciously adopted us to be his very own child. Once we became His child, He gave us inheritance which we did not deserve and can not imagine. Bible says, No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. 

Like a father disciplines a child, God the (heavenly) Father disciplines us for our own goodness sake. Like we respect and fear our earthly father we ought to fear the heavenly father who adopted us as his child graciously. Fear of God involves respect, honor, and obedience to the heavenly father. 

God is holy and there is no darkness in Him. We are called to be holy when we become his child. Bible says Fear of God is to hate evil. When we fear God we not only abstain from evil but we hate evil with all our hearts because our father hates evil. 

Know God by Fearing Him

In return to our obedience, God gives us wisdom. Bible says Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom no means ordinary wisdom but a wisdom that gives the ability to gain knowledge of God. Through wisdom, God reveals himself to us and we get to know him through his revelation. Paul prays for Ephesians like thisI keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. Wisdom enables us to know more about the heavenly father. 

King Solomon repeats the same in his proverbs. You will understand the fear of the Lord (which gives wisdom) and find the knowledge of God. 

Dear Friend, Do you fear God? Do you look at your heavenly father with reverence, awe, and respect? If you are not doing so I would humbly urge you to turn your face towards God today. We are worshipping a mighty God. If you honor God with your words, actions and thoughts he will honor you and bless you with his wisdom. 

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Dear friend, if you are going through this message right now, do not harden your heart. Today is your day. Humble your heart before the Lord. Ask for forgiveness for your past life. God is waiting to forgive you. Please do not let this time slip away without you making a decision to follow Christ.

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