Why All of Us Need Forgiveness?



I was standing in a queue to purchase a ticket. The person before me was about to get his chance to buy the ticket. When his chance came he reached the counter to purchase his ticket. But someone suddenly went ahead of him at the last minute. Both of them thought they are right from their perspective, but both of them can not be right. Only one person has to be right and other has to be wrong. What makes one person right and another person wrong? It is the moral law embedded in our mind makes a decision who is right and who is wrong. Though both of them may think they are right at the impulse of time, one person must feel guilty based on moral law. In this case, it should be the one who went ahead at the last minute. 

What is the moral law?

No one needs to be taught lying is wrong. A child knows stealing is wrong. They need not be educated and taught not to lie and steal. All through history, moral law persisted across all civilizations. You may ask the question in case of barbaric civilization how the moral law was applied? Moral law can be viewed either through the person who applied and through the person who experienced it. The person who experienced barbarism felt the law was not properly applied according to moral standards even in the case of barbaric civilization. Hence the act of barbarism was judged as wrong in their own civilization. 

If all the civilization had moral law embedded in the mind and it was almost the same moral code independent of their race, language and background then there should be the common provider of the moral law across all men. The author of the moral code was popularly known as God. 

The problem of Moral law : 

The moral law given to men by God is always good. But men have the power to suppress the moral law in various ways. If a person keeps lying, again and again, his mind may ignore the moral law and suppress it in the long run. He no longer feels guilty when he lie next time. 

Secondly, our belief can suppress the moral law. For example, in the case of barbaric civilization people believed what they did to others was right. They have convinced themselves about their act.

Thirdly, the moral law gets overpowered by our impulsive behavior. The sudden urge of anger can make a person behave differently for a short time. Good people have committed a grave mistake in a fit of rage. This impulsive uncontrollable act overcomes a moral warning and makes a person commits a crime. 

Hence the moral law embedded in our mind can be suppressed by repeatedly doing the same mistake, wrong belief. and impulsive behavior. In spite of all the effort, the moral law does not get altered and remains solid through the test of time and culture. We voluntarily or involuntarily end up committing mistakes against moral laws. This is called Sin. 

The consequence of Sin:

As we discussed, sin is known as a mistake committed against moral law. As our minds struggle to keep our life according to the moral law, we might conclude it is impossible to follow them. We end up sinning when we do not follow them. God who gave the moral law judges us based on the same laws. If we fail to follow it and get judged by it then no man will pass God's judgment. All of us ended up as sinners. Since God is holy, sin and sinners have no place in the presence of God. We lose our relationship with God because of own mistakes. 

How God Himself solved the problem of Sin?

When God saw the failure of humanity and its enslavement to sin, he decided to solve the problem himself by sending his son. The sin was dealt with in two ways. First, God offered forgiveness for all our failures. Secondly, he gave us the spirit (Holy Spirit) which convicts us based on the moral law which can not be overcome by belief, impulse and can not be made numb. 

As God provided all precious things in life like the air we breath and rain as free, God gave his forgiveness free of cost by offering His own Son, Jesus Christ as a sacrifice. Thus what was free for man cost God his very own Son. God's own Son Jesus paid the entire penalty for all our mistakes. He tore the curtain between man and God. Everyone is invited to enter His presence after receiving forgiveness for sins. If you want to know more about how God solved the problem of sin, you can read => Why Jesus came to earth?

The importance of forgiveness

If we don't receive the forgiveness from Jesus for our mistakes, we can not have a relationship with God. Without having a relationship with God our life loses its purpose. We end up making our own choices and decision without consulting God in our life. It results in many heartache, pain, and sorrow. 

Dear Friend, Are you ready to receive forgiveness from God? Will you say a prayer along with us? 


Dear God, I understood that I have committed many mistakes in my past life. I need forgiveness. I want to be in your presence. I need to listen to your voice every day. I try so hard to keep my life clean. But I am not able to do that. I often do what I don't want to do. Please help me. Wash my past sins and give me a new heart. Let my life be changed. God give me your Holy Spirit so that He can convict me of my mistakes and teach me to chose good and right. Please forgive my past. I pray in Jesus's name. Amen

Dear Friend, Thanks for praying along with us. God will surely forgive your sins. We would like to continue to pray for you. 

May God bless you and make you a blessing for many. 

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