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Jesus Paid it ALL


Dear Friend,
As you know, God was loving and a righteous judge. He was a Holy God. There was nothing unholy in Him. Nothing unholy could come near to Him. He created everything holy. The world was perfect and peaceful. Everything was abundant. God's love united everything.
God created the earth. All creation was His. He ruled everything. Then, one day he beautifully and wonderfully made a man. The man was his precious jewel. Out of all God has created, He Loved the man most. God made the man king over the earth. He gave the man everything he needed. God saw the man was alone. Hence he created a companion for him. He made the man in charge of the whole earth. The man and women had children multiplied and filled the earth.
The powers of unholiness awaiting judgment from God wanted to break the union of love created by God. They enticed men and women to do what was wrong in the eyes of God. They deceived men to believe the world lacked abundance. Men started cheating others to reach the status of abundance. Men hoarded, lied, and stole what was not theirs to feel secure. The powers of the unholy taught men a new definition of peace. They showed men how to entertain their lives through gambling, drinking, smoking, drugs, and many other means. The powers of the unholy showed Men the alternate meaning of power. They taught men the power of spending, the power of attraction and lust, the power to take from others what is not theirs, and the power to yield the body to unnatural craving. After all, men were not satisfied. They get into guilty conscience as they start deviating from what is defined by God as holy. But the men of this world could not come out of the deceit created by the powers of the unholy.
The definition of the words peace, abundance, power, and what is right was already corrupted. It was long forgotten by many generations. What was created as a perfect world became imperfect. There was envy, irritation against each other, grumbling, fighting, unnatural love, depression, heart ache, anxiety, and addictions.
The loving and righteous God had to judge everyone who is unholy. All men were unholy. All need to be punished and judged by God. They forgot what is holiness. But God decided to judge Himself instead of His beloved men. How can he judge himself? He had to judge the men, who did the mistake and not Himself. Hence, Jesus became a man and took all the mistakes on Himself. The holy judge judged himself and accepted all the mistakes. What is the final punishment for the sins of men? Bible says the wage of sin is death.
Jesus came to earth to face the punishment. While on earth, He lived a holy life. Taught everyone the true meaning of peace, power, and abundance. When His time came he was crucified for the mistakes of all men. Jesus wanted to go through punishment the men would go through for their unholy life. He took all the punishment on Himself. He shed the blood on the cross which can offer forgiveness for everyone. Since God already paid in full for all the mistakes of mankind He was able to forgive everyone who does mistakes.
Dear Friend, are you wondering whether your past mistakes can be forgiven? Are you struggling to overcome your habits and addictions? Are you trying to find answers to your life's problem? Jesus wants to show you the true meaning of your life. He wants to forgive all your past. It does not matter how dark your past life was. It does not matter what you have gone through. Jesus already paid the price for all your past mistakes. Wherever you are right now, Jesus loves you. He wants to give you peace. He wants to restore your life. Are you ready to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength for what He had done for you? God who created you, knows your past and your future. Would you reconcile your life with Him today? He can lead you and guide you.
Dear Friend, Jesus died for everyone. It does not matter what religion you follow. He loves all people. You don't have to change your religion to love Jesus. He died for people from all races, colors, languages, cultures, and religions. He died for you and He died for me. He is the living God, who listens to your prayers right now. Allow Jesus to work through your life. He can change your habits. What is not possible for you to change can be changed by the touch of God. Will you allow God in all parts of your life? Will you allow Him to make the right decisions and choices for you? Would you pray with us today?
Dear Jesus , Thank you so much for what you have done for me. You are a glorious God, who created the heaven and the earth. You lovingly created me. I was deceived and I lost the focus in life. I chased what was not right. I pursued what gave me pain which made me guilty. Please forgive me. I have done many things wrong. I chose to do willingly what was not right. Lord, I learned today that you have paid for all my mistakes. Give me your precious forgiveness. Wash me clean with your precious blood. Make me your child once again. Free me from the habits which are making me an addict.
Jesus, I want to stop leading my life. You please take control of my life. Lead me and guide me. You are the beginning and the end. You know what is good for me. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.
Dear Friend, God has already paid for all your past life. You don't have to feel guilty. He has forgiven you. You are free. Continue to love Him and walk with God. He will change your life. He will give you peace and release you from all addictions and bad habits. May God bless you and make you a blessing for many. Keep in touch. We are praying for you.

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