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We REAP What we SOW




If we plant an apple seed, it grows and becomes an apple tree. It produces apple fruit. It never produces orange or grapes. The seed determines the nature of the tree and its fruits. Based on what kind of seed we sow, we reap the fruits. If we sow the quality seeds we reap good fruits but if we sow the seeds of weeds, we reap nothing useful. In a very similar way, we also seed our lives with many things. Good and the bad, Holy and ugly, transparent and secret seeds. We continue to seed them through every word, action, and thoughts all through our lifetime. We keep seeding every day, hour and minute. The seeds start growing and become a tree. With or without we realizing the trees start to bear fruits, not one, not two but many in our lives. The nature of the fruit is dependent on the seeds we sow. 

Studies show that we make thousands of decisions each day. Some of them are primitive and some are not. For example, we decide on whether to take a staircase or go via the elevator. Given a chance whether to sit or offer our seat to someone older than us on a crowded bus. Whether to talk about someone else when that person is not there or to keep ourselves quiet. Some decisions are harmless and some are not. The decisions and the resultant actions we make affect our lives and other’s lives. 

 Bible says Do not be deceived. God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. It is true God forgives all our past sins. There is no question about it. He gives grace, and He is a compassionate God. He died for all our sins. He gives us a new heart. God’s promise to eternal life remains unchanged for whoever believes in Him. But if a person commits a crime, he has to go through the law of the land even after God forgives him. Though he has received eternal life through God’s forgiveness, it does not guarantee escape from punishment on earth for the crime he has committed. If a person commits a crime but escapes punishment from the law with his money and power, he escapes the earthly punishment but still has to go through God’s eternal punishment. 

 Many men in the Bible reaped fruits of their seeds even after receiving forgiveness from God. The seed they have sown took its natural root and gave fruits. The great prophet Moses could not enter the promised land due to the seed of disobedience. David suffered the consequence of his own sins because of the seed he sowed willfully with the mixture of lust and power. Jacob, who cheated his brother, got cheated by his own father-in-law. 

 Dear Friend, we are not exceptional either. God will settle our accounts too. We can never hide the open and secret sins. If we think we can continue our sinful life and ask for forgiveness at the last minute, the Bible gives us a firm reminder - God can never be mocked. Forgiveness of God does not give us the license to continue our sins willfully. To maintain balance and order, the world works on one common law. We reap what we sow in this world. 

 The greatest disease for which the scientist could not find any basic cure is not cancer or AIDS. It is a Sin. It is the greatest disease because it causes eternal death. God himself gave a fix for the greatest disease by giving his own son. The blood of Christ cleanses all our sins and gives us eternal life. But it does not give a license to continue the sin forever. A man involved in a relationship outside his marriage loses his character and goes through the shame in society. The one who hides his relationship might escape worldly shame but receives his punishment in the eternal world. Every sin creates a scare in our human tissues. God heals the wound but the scare remains. The few minutes of wrong enjoyment outside the wedlock might cause a child. Mother still can reconcile with God and receive God’s forgiveness. But the lifelong pain follows as the child grows among the judgment of this world. There could be secret sins on the Internet that seem harmless. But isn’t the Bible says we reap whatever we sow. Everything we sow has a direct consequence of what we reap. Apostle Paul wrote Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction.

 Dear friend, what are you sowing today? Are you sowing good seeds? God wants to forgive your past and heal your wounds today. It's never too late to go back to God. Will you pray with me?

 Dear God, I want to sow good seeds in my life and reap good fruit. Lord, forgive my past mistakes and give me the strength to stop doing past mistakes. Help me make careful decisions in life. Let me sow my life with good thoughts, actions, and words so I can reap good fruits. Help me to focus on what is good and stay away from what is evil. Lead me, teach me, and warn me about the consequence of sowing wrong seeds. I pray in Jesus’s name, Amen.

Dear Friend, if you have accepted Jesus and want to know what to do next, we have small guidance here. Please go through. May God bless you and make you a blessing for many.

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