What Shall i do Lord?

Paul Encounter

“‘What shall I do, Lord?’ I asked. – Apostle Paul (Acts 22:10) Paul knew he will be arrested once he reaches Jerusalem. At the end of his third missionary journey, he was forewarned by many prophesies that he will be bounded if he goes back to Jerusalem. When he reached …

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Men – Appreciated by God


We all love appreciations and awards. How about getting appreciated by God himself. Today we will go through a few people in the bible who are directly appreciated by God. Moses : Moses spent his one-third of his life in shepherding the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land. During …

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Price of your Soul

Soul longs for God

From the pre-historic period soul was considered a separate entity from the body. Linguistically soul is defined as the immaterial part of the human body, which determines the emotion and character. From a theological perspective, soul has received greater importance compared to the body. Almost all the religions agree soul …

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Cost of Grace

Out of all the mocking which was going on that fateful afternoon two thousand years ago on the mount of Calvary, one thing was strange. It was not the thieves who were mocked at, but the man who was hanging with the label “This is the King of Jews” was …

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Spiritual Gifts

God is a God of variety. Everything he has created he has made with variety. Its true with His gifts as well. Now the spiritual gifts are gifts given by God. We neither pay nor qualify for it. It is given by God to use for his purpose and glorify …

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Kadesh – Forget not!!

If we go back in history to around BC 1400 along with the Jews who were journeying from Egypt to promised land and ask them to share some of the bitter memories most of them will mention the word Kadesh. Yes Kadesh!! a place they reached so close to the …

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Jehovah Jireh

“Jehovah Jireh – My provider“ – Most of us will know this famous Song written by Don Moen. To refresh our memory, God called Abraham to come out of his forefather’s land and gave him promise that he will make his descendants a great nation (Gen 12:1-3). After waiting for …

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Why Faith?

  There is a strong emphasis on faith among Christians community for different reasons. There are several faith-based movements which focus on blessing and God’s provision. As Christians, we do tell ourselves and others to grow in faith. We will focus today to understand, what aspects faith is essential to …

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