How to overcome temptations?

Are you one of them who live a defeated Christian life against the temptations of sins? The temptations come from many sources during the course of our Christian life. It's important to identify the source of the temptation and deal with them. Bible plays a key role in providing us guiding principles to deal with temptations based on its source.

The major sources of temptations are the world, lust and the devil.

The World:

The world gives an identity, position, power, and respect for those who need one. For those who need more of this are most welcome and the world is willing to give them more till they become addicted to it. It may come to a point where people can not live without it. They need their identity everywhere. When others forget who they are there is a crisis or outburst.

Those who fall for the world are the one who clings to its glory. Bible clearly warns no one can serve two masters. One has to be served others have to be hated. If someone is serving the world they can not serve God. The pride offered by the world do not come from the Lord.

Though we are in the world to perform our professional everyday job for survival we need to keep our eyes beyond the world. Our focus should be on heaven and our eyes should long for the things above and not below. We can not follow unprofessional ethics even if it costs our promotion and pay hike. The pay hike is worth to lose compare to losing the kingdom of heaven. The decision needs to be made on what to be loved and what not to love. If the world had to be loved then God cannot come in our life. If God had to be loved then the world can not take the first preference. If the world takes the first preference then God cannot be there in your life.

Lust :

Lust originates from our eyes. It gets conceived in our mind. Its an unquenchable thirst for something that is not ours. Our mind races to beat our logic to find ways to cross God's boundaries of protection and somehow grab things that are not from God. There were several instances where the great men of God chased the passion of their life kindled by lust and paid the heavy price for it. The priceless instructions from the great King Solomon on the topic of Lust was well written in the book of proverbs. But the same lust got him and pinned the greatest wise men the history had ever seen when he played with it for the sake of political alliance. Solomon took his trust from God and put it on the political alliances by marrying more and more women from many countries. When he became old his logic was subdued by the lust. The women he married gained upper hand and he could not control them. The statues came into the city of Jerusalem where the temple of most holy God was built. The example of Samson never needs to be repeated and the painful story of the fall of the great and powerful men for the sake of lust never needs to be retold.

The man who gave the solution for the problem of lust was a boy sold as a slave to Egypt and made a diligent plan in his life to follow God. When the wife of Potiphar approached Joseph he fleed from that place. He did not look back. He did not walk away. But he ran away. Paul when he wrote to Timothy, he gave sound advice to flee away from immoralities of lust. We can not run away from the world since we live in the world. But we need to run away from the sins of lust. No one can stand and fight. Anyone who tries to fight the sins of lust will fall.


The devil can entice us. Devil can tell us lies and try to misguide. The devil needs to be resisted. In order to resist the devil, the ideas of the devil need to be revealed to as spiritually. Our Lord Jesus Christ resisted the devil using the scripture. When he was tested after his forty days in the desert his response to the devil always started with, "It is written". Jesus immersed himself in scripture. He could clearly identify and understand the anomalies in the offer given by Satan. How much time do we bury our self in the scripture? The scripture provides nourishment for a healthy Christian life. Nothing can substitute the strength offered by scripture.

We can not run away from the devil. He will chase us down. We can hate the devil but it does not bother him. All the people hate him. That's not his concern. The devil and his ideas need to be resisted.

Are you stuck in any of the above temptations? Do you want to live a victorious life? God can help you. He can change your life. He is calling you as you are. With your temptations and with your past hurt. Jesus can change your life. Can you put your trust on him? Believe Him.

If you have a prayer request, please contact us. We are here to pray for you. May God Bless you.