Your Path to LIFE

Dear Friends

Are you searching for purpose in life? Have you lost your way and searching why you are on the earth? Are you searching for your reason for existence on earth?

Independent of your past and background, whatever situation you are in today, God has a glorious path for you. A path to life. A life that is everlasting. How can a man live for forever? Life what we see always starts at birth and ends at death. That's true. But when a man gets everything in life he always focuses on immortality. The great pyramids of this world are built by powerful men who had everything in life. But they longed to live for ever. They wanted to hold on to all they had and wanted to be immortals. The caves of Terracotta in China is another great example of man's longingness for immortality. Let's not forget the mummies, which gave hope to people that they can live forever beyond death.

Dear Friends, The mummies and Pyramides came out of the human intellectual ideas that are supposed to give immortality. But if our intellectual ideas could not stop death in mortal form how can it control or even suggest the path to immortality.

The immortality or everlasting life has to be given by someone who is already immortal. Bible Says, God became a man to show the man how to live forever. They named the God who became a man as Jesus Christ. He came to earth to show men how to achieve immortality. No need for the pyramid. If Pyramids are the way to immortality then only rich can go to heaven. Jesus said, "I am the way". Anyone who follows and believes in Him can go to heaven and live forever.

How can a man who commits mistakes all his life follow God? God is holy and blemishless. Can anyone follow a holy God or even go near him? In order to solve the problem Jesus came as a man and died on the cross and for our mistakes. He declared it was not "we" who did the mistake but it was "he" who did the mistake. Thus he owned all the mistakes committed by us and died on the cross to cleanse us. Why should he do that? Because he loved us. He loved us so much, he became a man and suffered for our mistakes. Hence, Whenever we ask for forgiveness to Jesus Christ for the mistakes we committed he forgives it because he already paid the price on the cross for our sins by owning all our mistakes on him. Thus, We become holy and clean before God because God took ownership of all the mistakes we committed when we ask for his forgiveness.

Friends, We are eligible and qulified to follow God because of what he has done on the cross for you and for me. We are qualified and became holy just because of what Jesus did on the cross. On the third day after his death, Jesus resurrected and went to heaven. Thus a God became man, died for man and showed us the way to life that is everlasting life. This is not a human intellectual idea but God's divine and predetermined purpose for every man who is willing to trust and follow God. The idea was conceived out of God's immense love for men.

Immortality is for everyone and anyone who believes in Christ. There are no constraints. There is no fee. You don't have to be rich. No need to pay any bribe. It is FREE and FREE for ALL. Are you willing to follow Jesus?

Dear Friends, Can you please do the below prayer along with me?

"Dear Lord Heavenly father thank you for everything you have done on the cross. You are a great God. You loved us so much. You came as a man to show the way to everlasting life. You died to save our lives, to forgive our mistakes and take us to heaven. Thank you and thank you for everything you have done for us. Lord, forgive our past and help us to follow you truthfully. We pray in Jesus name, Amen."

Friends, if you made the above prayer and decided to accept Jesus in your life, please let us know. So that we can rejoice and praise along with you. You can write to us at or use the Contact us form.Do you have any prayer request? Please Contact us. We are here to pray for you.
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