Overcome Gambling Addiction

Dear Friend

Are you struggling to come out of gambling addictions in life? It might have started for simple and harmless pleasure. It could have started as a hobby, time pass, or a way to relax. You had perfect control over it in the past. But when you kept doing it many times, your thoughts were fully occupied around your habits. Suddenly, the same habits which were done for simple pleasure started mastering you day and night. It started occupying all your thoughts. You can't leave it or run away from it now. When you can not come out of it and before you realize it addicts you. 


Many families were destroyed because of gambling. Everyone knows that they can not win against the gambling machine. Many could not resist even though they knew they are fighting a losing battle against the gambling machines. What if I win one game and recover back whatever I have lost in the past? Dear Friend, you may not get that one game, which will make you a millionaire. But you might end up in deep debt in the same game. Why hurt your own life after knowing all the facts about gambling? 


Many have written to us about their painful experience in gambling and how it has destroyed not only their lives but their entire family. Few have started stealing the money from their family members to play one last game to recover what was last in the past. 


When the debt mounts and when creditors chase, life becomes difficult. Dear Friend, know your future. There is nothing good in gambling. It will destroy the peace in your life. If you are addicted today, please turn back and make a firm decision to come out of your addictions. You might have lost money in the past. Never go back to gambling to gain the lost money back. It will only push you further into the loss. 


Dear Friend, Is your thought process running back to the casino again and again? Are you considering it as a challenge in your life? It's time to give it up. You don’t have to feel guilty about your past addiction. God can forgive your past and give you a new life. 


We are praying for you. Wherever you are, you can overcome your addictions. God can give you freedom over your habits. Bible says, For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. God has a great plan for you. Give up your past life and surrender your life to God. Throw away your past pleasures. He can restore what you have lost. He will comfort you and give you the peace you have lost a long time back. Its time to reconcile your life with God. Put your hand on your heart. We are going to pray to Jesus. He will surely take away all the addictive thoughts. Believe in Him. Let's Pray together.


Dear God, Please save me from gambling addiction. I have lost many things because of this addiction. I do not have the strength to come out of it. Please help me. Release me from this bondage. Save my life. Jesus, there is nothing impossible for you. Please help me. Help me to overcome the addiction. Let me not get into gambling again. Change my heart. Forgive my past. Wash my heart and soul clean. Fill me with your power to overcome. Let me seek you with all my heart. Let me follow you. Let me love you all my life. I pray in Jesus's name. Amen.